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Lilly Ligotage - Creampied by Brothers Friend

Tim went over to his friend Chris's house to hang out on a break from college.   He walks in to find Chris's mom Mrs. P laying on a bed watching Chris's porn and no Chris around.   Mrs. P and Tim flirt a little but she doesn't want to cheat on her hubby.   In walks her daughter Lilly looking very cute and sexy.  We very rapidly discover that Mrs. P and her daughter have a very special mother-daughter relationship.  After getting naked and playing a little, Mrs. P pretty much invites Tim to fuck her daughter.    Things get pretty wild from there as we see what a great cocksucker Lilly is as she takes Tim's big cock deep in her mouth until she chokes all while she has been tied up by her mom.  Tim then fucks the hell out of Lilly while being cheered on by her mom.  Be sure to notice Lilly's legs in the air and how they shake while she is getting fucked and orgasming.   I just love a girl that get's into fucking that much.  Tim finishes with a hot creampie all over Lilly's young pussy.  (RUNNING TIME 25:51)

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