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11/13/2021   UPDATE: 213
Cecelia Taylor
is back home in Wisconsin and decides to do a fun little photoshoot with old photographer Matt within sight of her Favorite NFL team's stadium called Lambeau Field. Since being in porn she has gotten more comfortable with sex with older men. In an interview with Matt, she realizes that he looks very much like one of her high school teachers that she fantasized about. So she proposes that old Matt help her fulfill her fantasy of fucking her high school teacher Mr. Johnson. Matt is totally dumfounded by her offer, but how can he say no? She wastes no time getting Matt's cock in her mouth and then wants his mouth on her pussy to experience older guy pussy eating. After some good doggystyle and riding his cock, old Matt pounds her hard missionary and fills her tight teen pussy with old man sperm in a dripping creampie. I wonder if Cecelia has any other teachers she fantasized about? (running time 45:20)

10/11/2021   UPDATE: 212
Awtumm Lyxxx
is over at old Matt's house visiting with his granddaughter for the weekend.  Matt is doing laundry and sorting out his hunting clothes as he prepares to leave for a hunting trip.  Awtumm has hunting on her mind too - she is hunting old cock.  She shows up wearing mostly just Matt's orange hunting vest and teases him into playing with her.  After sucking his cock good she hops up on the washing machine and shows Matt that licking her pussy would be way more fun than doing laundry.  After licking her good he sticks his cock in her before sitting down and letting her ride his old cock good.  Finally he bends her over the chair and pounds her doggystyle before shooting a nice load all over her back and butt.  Old Matt will have a hard time concentrating on hunting while wearing that orange vest!   (running time 26:05)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

9/28/2021   UPDATE: 211
Old Matt has his grandson visiting with his new girlfriend, 18 yo. cutie Jessica Marie. While the young guys are off playing golf, Matt stays behind and notices Jessica sunbathing nude. Little does he know that petite cutie not only wants his old cock, but also wants his old man sperm in her teen pussy. She confesses to old Matt that his grandson won't cum in her and that she has a breeding fantasy. How could he say no to that? After showing how cute she looks with a cock in her mouth, she rides his cock in many positions before taking a hot messy load of cum in her sweet little pussy in a dripping creampie. Jessica says she will be back for more of old Matt's cock and sperm. Something tells me that will be even hotter fucking! (running time 45:41)    For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

8/23/2021   UPDATE: 210
Hotel manager Lainna White responds to a complaint from an older guest who didn't receive a senior discount.  She quickly realizes that the guest is old Matt her former next door neighbor from her teen years.  She had always fantasized as a teen about getting naughty with a much older guy like Matt.  Even though she is married and a MILF, she decides to live out her teen fantasy.  After reminding old Matt of her full PAWG butt, she sucks his cock before hopping on and riding it.  After lots of cocksucking and fucking including ass grabbing doggystyle, old Matt unloads his sperm all over Lainna's face in a creamy facial.  I think old Matt will be complaining about getting his senior discount more often now!  (running time 51:29) Note: includes a bonus scene welcoming Lainna back to porn after a ten year abscence where she sucks and fucks Matt AFTER the shoot.  Be sure to follow her on Twitter LainnaWhite69  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

7/28/2021   UPDATE: 209
Maria Anjel
is a 19 yo. cutie from the deep south. Yeah that means she is not a midwest girl, but I think you can see why I made an exception for her. She had done a lot of webcamming and some paid social media content but had not done an official professional porn shoot. After our interview where we learn she has gone from little sexual experience to being a total slut in a year, she shows how much she loves to suck cock. She also shows how much she loves to fuck whether it be young cock or old cock. After we see her fucking in all positions, finally she takes old Matt's sperm deep in her teen pussy in a wet creampie. Be sure to check out all her work to see more of this cutie! (running time 45:17)   Note: Be sure to check her out webcamming on Streamate under the name hoeshow and also check out her Onlyfans under the name sluttyshow12   For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

6/26/2021   UPDATE: 208
Sofia Hart
is a popular escort in Atlanta with pretty red hair, a nice firebush and luscious dick sucking lips. In her spare time she enjoys watching a little porn, especially old-young porn. She had seen old Matt's video clips on some of the free porn sites. She noticed he is an older guy who has made videos with a lot of hot girls. She also noticed he had many haters in the comments sections who made fun of his old body and small dick and accused him of many nefarious deeds. This really piqued her curiosity about old Matt's videos and it strangely turned her on. So, after a flight up from Atlanta, here she is to experience old Matt in person in an audition with him. After a long interview talking about her perception of old Matt, she shows her great cocksucking skills. Then she realizes why she was curious about old Matt when he starts eating her pussy. Finally when he slides his hard cock in her wet firebush pussy, she realizes why she watches old-young porn. After lots of fucking where Sofia orgasms first then has old Matt jerk his sperm all over her firebush. It will be interesting to see the haters comments about this video on the free porn sites! (running time 55:29)     For a FREE preview CLICK HEREOr to buy just this video CLICK HERE

6/11/2021   UPDATE: 207
Girasol aka Sunflower
is a very cute 20 yo. Latina with a gorgeous smile, cute boobs and a nice full butt.   She tends to like girls way more than guys but has sort of a thing for older guys.  She needed money really bad, so she agreed to do a porn audition if it was kept on the down low so her girlfriend wouldn't find out. She was very camera shy about doing photos, but got more comfortable just talking on video.   After a fun interview where we find out about her sexual experiences, she shows her blowjob skills on old Matt.  For someone who prefers girls this girl can sure suck cock!  We also find out very quickly she likes to be pounded doggystyle!   After lots of fucking which ended with small cumshot on her butt and a 2nd cumshot on her soft tummy, Girasol was still horny.  For real, after the shoot, she wanted the cameras OFF and wanted to fuck some more.   How could an old guy like me say no to that?  (running time 42:12)  to buy just this video CLICK HERE

4/29/2021   UPDATE: 206
is a very cute new 18 yo. with sparkling eyes and a very cute smile. She looks so cute and innocent but in this video she definitely lets her very naughty side show. After a VERY interesting interview where she discloses she has never been with an older man she is more than eager to suck old Matt's cock. Pay special attention to her doing reverse cowgirl and spoon when fucking as she had NEVER done these positions before and old Matt had to teach her. After pounding her tight teen pussy missionary, Matt finally blows his load all over her light blonde pussy hair. Maella has indicated she wants to try more porn. With your great support old Matt will try to make it happen! (Running time 49:40)    For a FREE preview CLICK HEREOr to buy just this video CLICK HERE

4/2/2021   UPDATE: 205
I am sure you have noticed that I have a lot of videos of very petite hottie Lola Hunter on my site. She has become a regular feature girl with us and will be in more videos in the future. How did she become a NaughtyMidwestGirls feature girl? She auditioned with old Matt and sucked his cock and then rode it until he creampied her. Then to seal the deal, she fucked him on the table with another creampie! How could I say no to doing lots of videos with her! (running time 28:57)
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2/20/2021   UPDATE: 204
is an 18 yo. fun loving girl from a small town in Illinois.  She needs money for college and has developed a great desire for fucking, so why not try porn.  After finding out she has never fucked a guy older than 26 before she is ready to take on old Matt.  She then shows off her 38C tits and nice plump farmgirl ass. After sucking him good and getting pounded doggystyle, she take his old man cum all over her tummy.  She then rides his cock cowgirl and gets fucked missionary again with a second cumshot.  Even though old Matt is worn out from all the fucking, Caidence wants to keep going and rides his cock some more.   It doesn't get any better than a cute 18 yo. who can't get enough fucking!  Watch for more videos of her!  (running time 51:09).  Note: you will occasionally hear a little snoring in the background.  That is not a cameraman but rather my 15 yo. dog, the loud snorer!  For a FREE preview CLICK HEREOr to buy just this video CLICK HERE

2/6/2021   UPDATE: 203
has come to interview with old Matt for a job babysitting his grandkids. She had heard he pays well but likes to play with his babysitters. She has never gotten sexual with an old guy before but decided the money is good enough to give it a try. After old Matt perves on her perky small tits, she experiences an older hard cock in her hands and mouth. To her surprise she is turned on by it and wants to fuck. After riding the old cock good and getting pounded doggystyle, old Matt can't hold back anymore and unloads his old man sperm in her tight little pussy in an oozing creampie. Makayla decides maybe old cock isn't so bad after all! (running time 22:45) Note: as with all of our UTR girls we do not show their faces publicly. If you purchase the full video, their beautiful faces are on camera as well as their hot bodies! To buy just this video CLICK HERE

12/28/2020   UPDATE: 202
This is a 2 part video where Lola Hunter and Awtumm Lyxxx meet and have some girl-girl fun in Part 1 and then they go hop in bed with old Matt for some 3some fun.
Part 1: Lola Hunter has been a naughty babysitter for old Matt. Awtumm Lyxxx is roommates with Matt's step-granddaughter. By chance they meet up at Matt's one day and realize how they both good sluts and want to enjoy each other's pussies in some hot
pussy eating and 69 action on the table until they each cum.
Part 2 Lola Hunter and Awtumm Lyxxx decide to go jump in bed with old Matt and have some slutty fun with him. They each try to outdo each other showing off their
cocksucking skills on old Matt's cock. Then they take turns riding his cock in some hot 3-way action. He lines them up on the edge of the bed and pounds their slender little butts doggystyle before flipping them over for some alternating missionary. Finally old Matt unloads some old man sperm in Lola's tight little pussy in a creampie. After a workout like that, Matt will need a good nap! (running time 30:26)  For a FREE preview CLICK HEREOr to buy just this video CLICK HERE

12/13/2020   UPDATE: 201
Larry has fantasized about this hot hot girl he has seen around. As he is dreaming about fucking her and stroking his cock in his dreams, the hot girl comes to him in the dream. As she brings him to reality, he realizes she is really there and she is sucking his cock. After lots of hot cock sucking, she teases him by rubbing his cock all over her pussy, before inviting him to pound her doggystyle. After blowing his load quickly on her perfect ass, she wants much more fucking. She brings him back to hardness quickly and rides his cock with great frenzy before he blows a second load all over her tanned tummy. She sends him back to dreamland to wonder whether it was real or not! (running time 29:13)  NOTE: AS with all our UTR girls no public photos or clips are released that show their face.  In the video you get to see the gorgeous face of this beauty as she sucks cock and rides cock and gets cummed on.  To buy just this video CLICK HERE

11/7/2020   UPDATE: 200
Kacey Cole
is hanging out at a hotel with her college roommate and the roommate's Grandpa Matt, who is visiting.  Kacey has heard about her roommates escapades with her grandpa and she wants in on the action.  So after showing old Matt her cute small boobs, she gets his cock out and shows her stroking and sucking skills.  After old Matt shows her his pussy eating skills she is more than ready to hop on his old cock.   Matt pounds her tight pussy doggystyle and shoots his load all over cute butt.   But Kacey wants more old cock and really wants some old man sperm in her little pussy.   After more sucking and cock riding, old Matt obliges with a second cumshot deep in her tight little pussy in a dripping creampie.   Something tells me old Matt will be visiting his granddaughter and her roommate more often!  (running time 49:48)  For a FREE preview CLICK HEREOr to buy just this video CLICK HERE

9/27/2020   UPDATE: 199
is a cute 18 yo. with great tits and a nice full butt from the south central USA. She loves to watch porn and has a lot of sexual fantasies from watching it. One of her fantasies is being in a video but doesn't want her family to find out. She also loves older guys, so why not live out her porn fantasy fucking an older guy? After getting naked and showing off her cute 18 yo. body she shows old Matt her great cocksucking skills. Then she is more than ready to ride some old cock and we get great views of her full butt and tits bouncing as she rides cock. After pounding her doggystyle, Matt finally jerks his load all over those cute tits. Got to love horny 18 year olds! (running time 43:18) Note: as with all our UTR girls, you won't see any public pics showing her face. But you get to see her face and the rest of her body in the full video.   To buy just this video CLICK HERE

9/6/2020   UPDATE: 198
Old Matt sits down with his very hot college age stepdaughter Kira Avon to discuss her use of a credit card he pays for. Kira doesn't want to lose her credit card, so she uses her very hot tanned body to get old Matt's attention. She knows that sucking his cock will help even more. Being the horny college girl she is, she decides why not fuck the old man? After lots of fucking including some very hot doggystyle, old Matt blows his load all over her tanned tummy. But Kira wants more and gets old Matt hard again. This time he can't hold back and cums deep in her tight little pussy in an oozing creampie. Looks like Kira will have plenty of money to have fun at college! (running time 35:41)  For a FREE preview CLICK HEREOr to buy just this video CLICK HERE

8/6/2020   UPDATE: 197
Lilly Swagg
needs a part time job badly to help with her college expenses. She interviews with old Matt to take care of his cute dog, but quickly realizes the pay is not near enough. Matt sees how cute she is with her braces and her nice young body and proposes that he can pay her better if she takes care of him too! She has never seen or touched an old man's penis before but decides to give it a try. After lots of hot blowjob action and some 69 action where old Matt tastes her young pussy, she rides his cock and realizes she likes it. After some doggystyle pounding and more fucking, old Matt blows his load all over her cute brace face in a hot facial. Lilly gets the job and realizes old cock is not so bad after all! (running time 38:40)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

7/24/2020   UPDATE: 196
is a very shy but cute 18 yo. Latina who is only 4'11". She needs money and is comfortable with posing nude but is not sure about doing video and has never fucked an older guy before. So I convinced her to do a photoshoot and just let me have a videocam on in the corner. She decided she was ok with sucking my dick but not fucking me just yet. So we get to see this cutie show off her great boobs as she plays with old cock and I get the pleasure of eating her tasty 18 yo. pussy before she sucks my cock good and gets my load all over her boobs. (running time 33:09)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

5/21/2020   UPDATE: 195
Maria Jade
is a college graduate new on the job as the marketing manager for a large hotel.    She meets with old Matt, who's company has had a large sales conference at her hotel for years.  She quickly finds out he is considering moving his conference to a new competing hotel.  Maria knows she is in trouble and must use her nice ass, legs, cocksucking mouth and tight young pussy to convince old Matt to keep his business at her hotel.   After showing old Matt her pussy, sucking his cock and then riding it on the couch, she has Matt ready to fuck her good on the bed.  She is impressed by the old man as he fucks her hard in several positions before pounding her hard doggystyle.   With the view of Maria's great ass, he can't stand it anymore and blows his load all over it.  Maria knows she has sealed the deal and offers her pussy to old Matt whenever he wants it to help her job security!   (running time 46:54)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

4/30/2020   UPDATE: 194
is alone and horny one night.  She gets naked and uses her vibrator on her tight little pussy.   As she drifts off she wonders what it would be like to get fucked hard by a big black cock.  In her dreams our guy Lord comes to her. She still has her night mask on so she is unsure whether it is real or a dream.   She feels his body and hard cock and wants it.  She can barely fit it in her petite mouth but she does suck his cock well.  Then the fucking begins and she can barely stand the big cock in her very tight little pussy but she wants it more.  Lord pounds her relentlessly in all positions before she begs for his black cock sperm in her pussy and gets it in a deep dripping creampie!  Something tells me Makayla will want more BBC!  (running time 33:01)  Note: This really was Makayla's first black cock.  She wanted to wear a mask to fully enjoy the sensory experience of taking her first BBC.  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

3/28/2020   UPDATE: 193
Lola Hunter
 is  sitting home alone in lingerie very horny checking out Tinder.  One guy she has been messaging with refuses to send her face pics. She finally decides that his dick pics are too tempting and invites him over.  He arrives wearing a mask and sunglasses.  She still sucks and fucks him riding his cock until he fills her pussy in a dripping creampie.   He finally takes his mask off to reveal he is her boss!  If Lola worked for you I am sure you would want to creampie her too!  (running time 25:20)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

3/15/2020   UPDATE: 192
Brittney Janes
has always had a crush on old Matt since she used to come over and play with his dog and sit on his lap when she was just a girl. Now she is a grown up 20 yo. and wants to live out her fantasies she had of old Matt. So she starts by showing him her grown up tits, then she shows him her grownup cocksucking skills. He eats her delicious young pussy before slamming her hard and cumming all over pussy and tummy. But she wants more and wants to ride his old cock. Finally he pounds her doggystyle and creampies her. Old Matt will never see that little girl next door the same anymore! (running time 30:50)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

2/6/2020   UPDATE: 191
Lala Ivey
and Lola Hunter have already had some hot girl-girl fun getting acquainted as babysitter for old Matt. They decide if they can convince Matt to let them work together by sucking and fucking his brains out maybe they will get to have more fun. After they take turns sucking his cock and then riding it, old Matt pounds Lola doggystyle and creampies her. Lala then eats the cum out of Lola's tight little pussy. They then move to the bed where there is some hot 2 girl blowjob action and more fucking until Matt creampies Lala. Matt is so wore out from fucking the two hot babysitters, he can't help but agree to their proposal! (running time 30:12)    For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

12/28/2019   UPDATE: 190
is petite college cutie from Virginia who really wanted to be a NaughtyMidwestGirl. With her perfect small boobies, hot little ass and tight young pussy, how could I say no? She was very nervous because she had never done anything on camera before and had never been with a guy older than 35 before. After shyly answering some questions, she was proud to get naked and show off her body. We also learn she really doesn't like giving blowjobs, but really loves to fuck, and knows she has to suck dick to get fucked. Who can argue with logic like that? After showing me she could really give a great BJ she was ready to climb on and experience her first older cock. After pounding her in several positions, I flipped her on her back and fucked her until I unloaded my old man sperm deep in her little pussy in a creampie. After this first video, she couldn't wait to do more! Watch for more hot videos of her in the future! (running time 37:19) Note: as with all of our UTR girls you won't see her face publicly, but when you buy the video you see her cute face sucking cock and getting fucked!    For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

12/13/2019   UPDATE: 189
is a cute barely 18 yo.  2001 born girl from Illinois.  She is 6 months pregnant and needs money so why not try amateur porn.  She was very quiet and shy as she had never been with a guy over 26 before.  But her very pretty face looked very cute with a much older cock in her mouth.  And her prego tummy looked full as she rode a cock over 3 times her age!   After slamming her doggystyle, I couldn't help but blow my load all over her big white booty.  And after pounding her even harder missionary she made me cum again all over her pregnant tummy and pussy.   Looks like 2001 was a very good year! (running time 41:48)  For a FREE preview CLICK HEREOr to buy just this video CLICK HERE


10/22/2019   UPDATE: 187
Lala Ivey
has been hired by old Matt as a backup babysitter when his regular babysitter Lola Hunter is unavailable.   Lola is supposed to train Lala on her duties but when she sees how hot she is, she decides having some girl-girl fun would be a great way to get to know each other.  This was Lala Ivey's very first girl-girl scene.  Enjoy as Lola and Lala enjoy lots of kissing, nipple sucking, fingering and pussy licking.  They like each other so well that they decide to fuck old Matt together so hopefully they can work together and play more!  Watch for that soon as they do a hot threesome with Matt! (running time 20:06)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

9/22/2019   UPDATE: 186
Awtumm Lyxxx
 realizes that her cell phone bill is overdue and her phone is about to be shutoff. She knows she has power over old Matt with her young cocksucking mouth and her tight wet pussy. So she quietly sneaks into Matt's bedroom where she finds him napping. He wakes up to her naked and stroking his cock. With her stroking and sucking he is soon ready for a breakfast of her pussy and some hot 69 action follows. Soon she climbs on to ride his old cock cowgirl and we get a nice view of her pussy getting very wet as Matt's old cock glistens from her juice. After some hot reverse cowgirl, Matt pounds her doggystyle and shoots his load all over her cute little butt. Guess what slutty Awtumm has cell service again!! (running time 18:32)    For a FREE preview CLICK HEREOr to buy just this video CLICK HERE

8/22/2019   UPDATE: 185
is interviewing with old Matt's company for a marketing intern position. Matt has no clue that as a little girl she came to the office with her dad and sat on "uncle matt's" lap. Now that she is grown up she wants to fulfill her fantasy of fucking much older Matt and also locking in the internship position at the same time. After she sits on Matt's lap and invites him to play with her very wet pussy, she sucks his cock good and then climbs on for a ride. They then move to the bed for some serious sucking and fucking in various positions before Matt blows his load all over Kendra's nice firm tan tummy. (running time 49:13)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

7/14/2019   UPDATE: 184
is a cute 18 yo. who tried a photoshoot with old Matt.  She decided she liked his tongue and old cock so she came back for a full porn audition video!  We get to see her cute smile again as she gets naked and shows off her cute boobs.   She confesses to Matt that she has never enjoyed giving blowjobs before but loves to kiss.  After a little encouragement she gives old Matt a nice BJ and is so encouraged by his reaction she does a lot of cocksucking in the rest of the shoot.   That keeps Matt hard for fucking in all positions until she gets two cumshots out of him!  Lots of great POV footage and cock riding footage in this video.  (running time 50:46)   To buy just this video CLICK HERE

6/21/2019   UPDATE: 183
Emersyn East
is a cute little 18 yo. from Florida that is only 4'11" tall. I contacted her about doing a photoshoot and she quickly admitted to me that she had always wanted to try porn and was a total freak about older cock and cum. So, after learning a little about her freaky side and her love for sucking cock we get to see how cute she looks with a cock in her mouth. Unfortunately for certain reasons we had to make this a blowjob only audition with no fucking. But Emersyn certainly compensated with showing her great BJ skills before getting a nice load out of old Matt on her cute little face in a facial. Hopefully we can get her back for a full fucking video! (running time 44:35)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE


4/27/2019   UPDATE: 182

4/19/2019   UPDATE: 181
Anastasia Rose
is excited about her interview for a nanny job because the pay is so great.  Then she finds out the job is not a true nanny job but more like taking care of the needs of Derek and Melanie Hicks.  After a little hesitation, she decides why not try it!  After a little hot pussy play with big tit Melanie, Derek joins in and the sucking and fucking begins.   Eventually Derek puts his cock in the tight little ass of Anastasia in some hot anal action before pounding Melanie's pussy and blowing his load all over her pussy.  Anastasia being the good caring nanny that she is licks up all of Derek's cum and cleans up the mess.   Everyone should have a nanny like Anastasia for ass fucking! (running time 41:54)   For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

2/10/2019   UPDATE: 180
is a fun loving blonde PAWG  with big tits from Wisconsin who wanted to try porn.   So, after a fun interview, she shows old Matt her blowjob skills and impresses him so much he blows his load right in her slutty mouth.  But Elsa wants to show her fucking skills too so she sucks old Matt until he fucks her doggystyle and cums all over her big booty.  After some cockriding she makes him cum a third time.   Elsa believes her job as a slut isn't done until she completely drains your balls!  (running time 39:55)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

1/20/2019   UPDATE: 179
is a cute amateur model who just turned 18 two months ago. Since she was now legal she was open to trying some nude photos to make some much needed cash.   She was very nervous about getting nude on camera for the first time with old photographer Matt.  She had also heard that much older guys were very good at eating pussy.   She was so comfortable posing for Matt she decided she needed his tongue on her pussy.  Old Matt was very very shocked after she came hard from his tongue and suggested she wanted his cock.  A very impromptu quick fuck resulted with a nice cum load on her 18 yo. tummy.  Watch for more possible video from this cutie in the future!   (RUNNING TIME 14:03)
Note:  This was an extensive photoshoot of 4 different sets.  Four full photosets in zipfiles
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12/14/2018   UPDATE: 178
Marie Fullbush
works at a hotel and was sent by her manager Al to check on a room.  He comes into the room and find her naked and playing with her hairy pussy.  She is willing to do ANYTHING to keep her job including getting  fucked and creampied by her older boss.  To make sure she keeps her job, later that night she meets him in the same room and drops to her knees and sucks his cock until he unloads another good load of cum all over her face.   (RUNNING TIME 24:25)     For a FREE preview CLICK HERE   Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

12/5/2018   UPDATE: 177
Chelcee Clifton
had a lot of fun with her old uncle Matt when she was just 18.  She has been away at college and hasn't seen him in a long time, but after recently breaking up with her college boyfriend she needs some comforting from her favorite uncle and that includes comfort from his cock.  After eagerly sucking his cock, she is ready for some good doggystyle fucking right on the couch.   After moving to the bed to get comfortable, she remembers how much she missed riding old Matt's cock.  Finally, he pounds her good and blows his load all over her cute boobies.  Let's all hope Chelcee will need more comforting from old uncle Matt! (running time 31:01)    For a FREE preview CLICK HERE   Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

If you are not familiar with Chelcee Clifton, I shot 4 videos with her when she was only 18.  She is back now at 21 and looking hotter than ever!

11/17/2018   UPDATE: 176
is an 18 yo. ebony cutie who has fantasized about trying porn for a long time.  She finally is old enough to try it and can't wait to show her sucking and fucking skills.   She also has never been with a guy older than 19 and wants to try older cock.  So after getting her naked old Matt has her suck his cock good then climb on for her first old cock ride.  After fucking in several positions, he finally unloads his old man sperm on her cute ebony pussy. (Running time 36:56)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE   Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

11/09/2018   UPDATE: 175
is an 18 yo. Asian slut friend of old Matt's granddaughter.  She is visiting for the weekend and teases old Matt in the kitchen early in the morning.  She offers her pussy for him to taste before his breakfast but she wants his aged meat in her mouth and pussy for her breakfast.  After lots of cocksucking she bends over for some standing doggystyle from old cock.  Matt wastes no time pounding her hard before blowing his load all over her cute ass.  (Running time 15:21)   For a FREE preview CLICK HERE   Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

10/09/2018   UPDATE: 174
Zoe Clark
has fantasized about fucking her math teacher.  So she convinces him to come to hotel she is staying to help her with "math".  Instead she wants to help him with his cock in her mouth.  After putting his cock in her tight young pussy he blows his load on her face very quickly. But she expertly sucks his cock to get him ready for some good doggystyle and spoon before he blows another load on her cute tummy.   After some hot 69 action she is ready to ride his cock and makes him blow a third load!  Zoe got a good math lesson.  One plus one plus one equals THREE cumshots! (running time 37:19)   For a FREE preview CLICK HERE   Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

9/25/2018   UPDATE: 173
Awtumm Lyxxx
is visiting again with old Matt's granddaughter from college.  She had fun showing why she is called campus cockslut to Grandpa Matt before and after some pool and hot-tub time she is ready for some older cock.  After teasing old Matt with her perky little tits and young pussy, she sucks his cock good.  He lays her down on a table and fucks her and breeds her in a very deep creampie.   But she wants more old cock and we get a good view of her cute little ass she rides old Matt.   What she really wants is Matt's tongue on her pussy and after he makes her cum good he puts his hard cock in her and pounds her hard until he blows another load on her tummy.  They will have to be careful or Matt's granddaughter will be jealous! (running time 22:48)   For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE


8/31/2018   UPDATE: 172

8/15/2018   UPDATE: 171
is a  19 yo. thick big titted blonde from Indiana.  She loves her makeup and nice clothes.  Unfortunately, her crappy job doesn't allow a budget for that.  So why not make some of that much needed cash showing off those nice tits and getting fucked on camera?  After an interview that reveals she is somewhat inexperienced but open minded she gets naked and shows her cocksucking skills before getting fucked in all the positions and taking a nice load all over that nice soft tummy of hers!  (running time (41:55)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

7/3/2018   UPDATE: 170
Lola Hunter
 is tired of working and wants some cock.  None of her fuck buddies are available so she tries Lord the black dude at the office she barely knows.   She is waiting for him in some nice lingerie when he walks in.  There is very little talking as she immediately whips out his hard black cock and takes it in her mouth.  After some great cocksucking and pussy eating she is ready to fuck some BBC.  After fucking in several positions, Lord gets on top of her and pounds her tight little pussy until he fills it with some black cock seed in a creampie.   Something tells me Lola and Lord will get to know each other at the office finally! (Running time 26:09)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

5/31/2018   UPDATE: 169
Nicole Love
is a 19 yo. hottie from Europe with an absolutely gorgeous set of natural tits and the most beautiful set of meaty pussy lips that you will see.   First we get a great view of those tits before she shows us those lovely meat flaps.  After showing us how much she loves to suck cock with a butt plug in, we get treated to lots of fucking and ass fucking.  After some hot ass to mouth action she takes our man Dereks hot load deep in her pussy in a nice oozing dripping creampie.  He was in heaven with those nice pussy lips around his cock!  (running time 33:49)  For a FREE preview CLICK HEREOr to buy just this video CLICK HERE

4/8/2018   UPDATE: 168
Ivy Winters
is supposed to be babysitting for old Matt, but instead she parties and trashes the house out.  He comes home to find her crashed out naked from partying.  He is angry so he binds her up and spanks her ass until red and then makes her suck his cock.  He threatens to fuck her tight ass but instead fucks her pussy and creampies her.   Ivy wants to make it up to him by being his slut so she makes out with him before sucking his cock and riding him.  Old Matt lays her back and pounds her young pussy and blasting another cumshot on her.  Ivy ends up fucking him the rest of the night to earn his forgiveness.  Maybe having a babysitter who likes to party isn't so bad after all!  (running time 29:00)   For a FREE preview CLICK HEREOr to buy just this video CLICK HERE

3/28/2018   UPDATE: 167
is a very cute 18 yo. from Wisconsin with a great body and gorgeous smile.  Like most girls her age, she has watched a lot of porn but never really thought about trying it.  But, I discovered that she had a great curiosity about fucking a much older guy.   So, I proposed to her that she have her first experience with an older guy on camera!  She was hesitant as she considers herself a "good girl" so I just promised not to plaster her pics all over the internet.  So here is Jazzmin in our UTR section, enjoy!   This girl was so much fun and cute with her wide smile and loud moans everytime I touched her pussy with my tongue or fingers.  She couldn't wait to get started trying older cock so she was naked and sucking my cock before the shoot even started!   Then after a long shoot of lots of sucking and fucking we kept going even after the cameras were turned off.  What a long night that was!  With a little coaxing, she may come back for more videos.  Let us know if you want to see more of her!  (running time 49:23)  To buy just this video CLICK HERE

3/1/2018   UPDATE: 166
Katy Cruel
is an eclectic redhead hippy girl from small town Minnesota.  At first look, she looks like the kind of girl you might see working as a barista in Minneapolis or sitting in a University library in Chicago.  But then you see how much she likes to get naked!  She has a nerdy but cute look, long legs, cute small boobies and a gorgeous full red bush.  She had done some modeling and decided porn might be fun to try, so she contacted me for an audition.  When she sent me a pic of that nice red firebush how could I say no?  After some chit-chat about her early sexual experiences, she got naked and was ready to show her cocksucking skills.  This girl really knows how to tongue a hard cock!  But she was most anxious to show her cock riding skills as she climbed on and rode her first older cock.  Before long she had me ready to bust when I remembered she had told me her favorite cumshot was a nice deep creampie.   So, I pounded her good missionary and deposited some old man sperm in her young pussy and on that nice hairy firebush.  I think you will see more of this nerdy redhead in porn!     (running time 40:21)    For a FREE preview CLICK HEREOr to buy just this video CLICK HERE

2/16/2018   UPDATE: 165
Matt's granddaughter Anastasia has brought home her new college roommate Awtumm for a weekend visit.  While they are hanging out by a hotel pool, Awtumm has a little fun teasing old Matt with her slender inked body in her bikini.   As they are visiting up in the room, Matt realizes that Awtumm knows everything about his sex lessons with Anastasia.    She proudly tells old Matt that she needs no lessons and is known as the "campus cockslut" and wants to try out some "grandpa cock".   After  she showed her expert cocksucking skills, she climbed on and rode his cock.  Awtumm shows she is a true cockslut by taking his load all over her cute face in a dripping facial.   Then, after fucking in different positions, old Matt fills her tight little cunt with another load in a creampie!  (running time 47:29)   For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

1/29/2018   UPDATE: 164
My friend Larry had been bugging me for a while that he had never fucked a black girl before.  So, I decided for his first black pussy why not choose the very hot pornstar Skyler Nichole!  After Skyler got naked for him, he eagerly started licking her gorgeous chocolate pussy. Then she showed us how she looks so hot with a hard white cock in her mouth with some great cocksucking.  She climbed on and in no time she had Larry spurting blasts of thick white cum into her ebony pussy in a dripping creampie.  But Skyler was having so much fun she wanted more cock and after some hard doggy and other fucking, Larry blasted another load on her cute tits.  I think Larry has gone black and may never come back!   (running time 34:26)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

1/18/2018   UPDATE: 163
 is a long legged barely 18 yo. Wisconsin girl who was enjoying her last summer at home before going off to college.  So, she was having the time of her life partying with her friends and realizing she needed a little more cash for college.  She knew her body was made for porn but was worried about her parents finding out.  So, I promised her that her parents wouldn't see this video.  She was surprisingly comfortable getting naked in front of an older guy like me and was even more anxious to show her cocksucking skills.  After pounding that great tanlined ass doggystyle I didn't last long before shooting my load.  After some more fucking she got another cumshot out of me before I sent her quickly out the door as her mom was looking for her!  (running time 39:58)   To buy just this video CLICK HERE

12/28/2017   UPDATE: 162
Lola Hunter
 has had a busy early morning babysitting old Matt's grandkids while he catches up on shuteye.  She gets some free time and decides she needs some old cock to get her day going.  So she gets naked and climbs in bed with him and wakes him up by playing with his cock.  To get fully awake he has some "breakfast" of teen babysitter pussy in his face.   She rides his old cock several ways as we get some great views thanks to camera girl Kiki.   Finally he pounds her doggystyle and then fucks her hard on her back until he fills her very tight little cunt with old man sperm in a very deep creampie.  Wouldn't you like to wake up to a naked babysitter playing with your cock?  (running time 29:08)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

12/15/2017   UPDATE: 161
is an 18 yo. Asian cutie with an absolutely gorgeous body from her 36C tits to her nice full hips and ass.   She decided she wanted to try porn to earn some much needed cash.  Little did I know until interviewing her that she had never been with a white guy before let alone one 3 times her age.  But that certainly didn't curb her enthusiasm as she quickly got naked and showed her cocksucking abilities.   I couldn't wait any longer and bent her over the chair and pounded her doggystyle until I blew my load all over her gorgeous ass.  But she was more than ready for more fucking and quickly got me hard again for some cock riding before I pounded her again and blew my load in her young pussy in a dripping creampie.   I think her first experience with older cock must have been good as she is eager to do more porn!  (running time 50:00)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE   Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

11/14/2017   UPDATE: 160
Olivia Redd
is a hot redheaded slut from Wisconsin who had previously tried a fun girl-girl and 3some shoot with Aubrey Lee.  At that time she was unsure about getting fucked by a guy 2 1/2 times her age.  But after a little coaxing, she changed her mind and showed up ready to experience older guy tongue on her pussy and older cock fucking her.  After she shows her great cocksucking skills she lays back for old Matt to use his tongue on her.  She changes her mind about older guys quickly and is ready to get fucked. After Matt pounds her missionary and cums on her nice white tummy, she is ready for more.  She rides his old cock good until he pounds her doggystyle and cums again on her ass.  (running time 32:48) For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

11/1/2017   UPDATE: 159
Awtumm Lyxxx
is a cute, slender inked slut from Illinois who decided to try porn.  She confessed that she is into older guys and loves sex a lot.  So she was very comfortable and wasted no time as she got naked to show off her cute little ass and perky small tits.  She was even more comfortable as she showed her cock sucking skills and boy can this little slut suck cock!  With that cute little ass, I couldn't wait to fuck her doggystyle and blew old man cum all over that ass.  After lots of fucking in various positions, she got two more cumshots out of me including a deep creampie at the end.  She took an immediate liking to porn and couldn't wait to do more.  Watch for more of this hot little inked slut!  (running time 46:24)   to buy just this video CLICK HERE

10/14/2017   UPDATE: 158
Our second UTR girl is actually two girls - Molly and Mariah.  I had very serious surgery a few weeks before this shoot and was getting frustrated not being able to shoot porn.  So, I decided fuck it, the best way to see if I was recovered from surgery was to fuck two girls instead of one.  These two sluts were more than happy to test my recovery as long as no one saw the video.  They were afraid their boyfriends would find out! After a little girl-girl play and pussy eating I joined in and they both sucked my cock until I blew my load on both of them in a dripping facial.  After moving to the bedroom there was more lesbian pussy play before they took turns fucking me in many positions in some hot 3some action until I blew my load again all over Molly's cute tummy.  Everyone should try my fucking-two-sluts method of surgical recovery!  (running time 62:07)   Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

9/22/2017   UPDATE: 157
Andreanna Peace
had been doing some babysitting work for old Matt so he decided to bring her over to meet his "daughter" Kiki Munroe.  She can't believe her daddy brought her a cute girl to play with so she wastes no time getting her naked and checking out Andreanna's hot little body. After fingering her and using a vibrator on her, Kiki gets herself off and they lay down for a little nap together on the couch.  Old Matt comes home from his business meeting and can't resist playing with naked Andreanna.  Kiki is not to be outdone and shows Andreanna how her daddy likes his cock sucked.  They both take turns on old Matt's cock before he blows his load all over both girls.  Everyone should have a babysitter playtoy like Andreanna! (running time 27:31)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE   Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

8/21/2017   UPDATE: 156
Lala Ivey was your typical good girl student in high school.  You know, the kind that is in all the clubs, gets good grades, etc.  Her old classmates would be shocked if they saw her now!  First she learned she really loves sex as well as being naked off her perfect round butt and gorgeous tits.    She also discovered she loves getting paid to fuck on camera!  Even though she had done a few private shoots and a few video clips, she had not done a full video for a website.  So, I had her do my standard NMG audition and she is now one of my favorites.  This girl could not wait to suck cock even though I am over 3 times her age and boy is she good at it!  She also loves to ride cock and she is good at that too!   She loves creampies too so I had to oblige her by filling her young 18 yo. pussy with old man sperm.  Watch for more of Lala Ivey on here!   (running time 35:43)   For a FREE preview CLICK HERE   Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

7/20/2017   UPDATE: 155
Jessie Jizz
is your typical horny 18 yo. with a very cute smile and a thick youthful body.  Being adventurous, she wanted to try porn and had no problem that she was auditioning with a guy over 3 times her age!  When this was filmed she was finishing her senior year of high school and had just been to her senior prom a few days before as you will see from the bruises on her chest from rough sex.   After picking her up in her small Wisconsin town, she wasted no time showing me her pussy in the car.  So we stopped at a park and snapped a few pics before heading to the hotel to shoot.   What this girl lacks in body perfection, she more than makes up for in absolute enthusiasm for sucking and fucking!   After lots of cocksucking, she was ready for old cock in her tight 18 yo. pussy.  It didn't take long before I unloaded my old man sperm in her pussy in a dripping creampie.   After fucking in all positions and getting another cumshot out of me she didn't want the shoot to be over.  Watch the impromptu quick fuck at the end as proof of this.  If you are an older guy, just fuck a fresh 18 yo. like Jessie and you will feel young again! (running time 52:00)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE    Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

6/7/2017   UPDATE: 154
Nikki Swings
is a midwestern MILF from Minnesota who likes to go to swinger parties with her hubby.  Although she looks like your average 40 something that you might see around the office, in reality she is a true cockslut.   She loves to have her hubby send her out to be fucked by strange men and return home full of cum.   Our man Derek couldn't believe his luck when he chatted online with her hubby and Nikki actually showed up at Derek's hotel room.  The only way to prove what a slut she is was to take Derek's cock in her ass then her mouth in some hot ass to mouth action then finish with an oozing anal creampie! (running time 42:32)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE

5/26/2017   UPDATE: 153
Zoe Clark
is happy to get the good paying babysitter job with older Matt.   After, the kids are in bed she decides to play a little and finds some toys.  After fucking her pussy and tight ass with the toys she found she takes a nap in orgasmic bliss.  Matt comes home to find his babysitter naked in his bed and he can't resist exploring her 19 yo. body.  She confesses that although she wants to remain true to her boyfriend she is very curious about having her pussy licked by a much older man.  She can't resist and soon has old Matt's hard cock in her hands.  After lots of stroking and some 69 she makes him spurt his load all over her cute young tits.  Something tells me Zoe Clark won't stay true to her boyfriend and will come back to fuck that old cock!  (running time 34:26)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

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