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All Updates-2015

11/1/2017   UPDATE: 159
Awtumm Lyxxx
is a cute, slender inked slut from Illinois who decided to try porn.  She confessed that she is into older guys and loves sex a lot.  So she was very comfortable and wasted no time as she got naked to show off her cute little ass and perky small tits.  She was even more comfortable as she showed her cock sucking skills and boy can this little slut suck cock!  With that cute little ass, I couldn't wait to fuck her doggystyle and blew old man cum all over that ass.  After lots of fucking in various positions, she got two more cumshots out of me including a deep creampie at the end.  She took an immediate liking to porn and couldn't wait to do more.  Watch for more of this hot little inked slut!  (running time 46:24)   to buy just this video CLICK HERE

10/14/2017   UPDATE: 158
Our second UTR girl is actually two girls - Molly and Mariah.  I had very serious surgery a few weeks before this shoot and was getting frustrated not being able to shoot porn.  So, I decided fuck it, the best way to see if I was recovered from surgery was to fuck two girls instead of one.  These two sluts were more than happy to test my recovery as long as no one saw the video.  They were afraid their boyfriends would find out! After a little girl-girl play and pussy eating I joined in and they both sucked my cock until I blew my load on both of them in a dripping facial.  After moving to the bedroom there was more lesbian pussy play before they took turns fucking me in many positions in some hot 3some action until I blew my load again all over Molly's cute tummy.  Everyone should try my fucking-two-sluts method of surgical recovery!  (running time 62:07)   Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

9/22/2017   UPDATE: 157
Andreanna Peace
had been doing some babysitting work for old Matt so he decided to bring her over to meet his "daughter" Kiki Munroe.  She can't believe her daddy brought her a cute girl to play with so she wastes no time getting her naked and checking out Andreanna's hot little body. After fingering her and using a vibrator on her, Kiki gets herself off and they lay down for a little nap together on the couch.  Old Matt comes home from his business meeting and can't resist playing with naked Andreanna.  Kiki is not to be outdone and shows Andreanna how her daddy likes his cock sucked.  They both take turns on old Matt's cock before he blows his load all over both girls.  Everyone should have a babysitter playtoy like Andreanna! (running time 27:31)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE   Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

8/21/2017   UPDATE: 156
Lala Ivey was your typical good girl student in high school.  You know, the kind that is in all the clubs, gets good grades, etc.  Her old classmates would be shocked if they saw her now!  First she learned she really loves sex as well as being naked off her perfect round butt and gorgeous tits.    She also discovered she loves getting paid to fuck on camera!  Even though she had done a few private shoots and a few video clips, she had not done a full video for a website.  So, I had her do my standard NMG audition and she is now one of my favorites.  This girl could not wait to suck cock even though I am over 3 times her age and boy is she good at it!  She also loves to ride cock and she is good at that too!   She loves creampies too so I had to oblige her by filling her young 18 yo. pussy with old man sperm.  Watch for more of Lala Ivey on here!   (running time 35:43)   For a FREE preview CLICK HERE   Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

7/20/2017   UPDATE: 155
Jessie Jizz
is your typical horny 18 yo. with a very cute smile and a thick youthful body.  Being adventurous, she wanted to try porn and had no problem that she was auditioning with a guy over 3 times her age!  When this was filmed she was finishing her senior year of high school and had just been to her senior prom a few days before as you will see from the bruises on her chest from rough sex.   After picking her up in her small Wisconsin town, she wasted no time showing me her pussy in the car.  So we stopped at a park and snapped a few pics before heading to the hotel to shoot.   What this girl lacks in body perfection, she more than makes up for in absolute enthusiasm for sucking and fucking!   After lots of cocksucking, she was ready for old cock in her tight 18 yo. pussy.  It didn't take long before I unloaded my old man sperm in her pussy in a dripping creampie.   After fucking in all positions and getting another cumshot out of me she didn't want the shoot to be over.  Watch the impromptu quick fuck at the end as proof of this.  If you are an older guy, just fuck a fresh 18 yo. like Jessie and you will feel young again! (running time 52:00)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE    Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

6/7/2017   UPDATE: 154
Nikki Swings
is a midwestern MILF from Minnesota who likes to go to swinger parties with her hubby.  Although she looks like your average 40 something that you might see around the office, in reality she is a true cockslut.   She loves to have her hubby send her out to be fucked by strange men and return home full of cum.   Our man Derek couldn't believe his luck when he chatted online with her hubby and Nikki actually showed up at Derek's hotel room.  The only way to prove what a slut she is was to take Derek's cock in her ass then her mouth in some hot ass to mouth action then finish with an oozing anal creampie! (running time 42:32)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE

5/26/2017   UPDATE: 153
Zoe Clark
is happy to get the good paying babysitter job with older Matt.   After, the kids are in bed she decides to play a little and finds some toys.  After fucking her pussy and tight ass with the toys she found she takes a nap in orgasmic bliss.  Matt comes home to find his babysitter naked in his bed and he can't resist exploring her 19 yo. body.  She confesses that although she wants to remain true to her boyfriend she is very curious about having her pussy licked by a much older man.  She can't resist and soon has old Matt's hard cock in her hands.  After lots of stroking and some 69 she makes him spurt his load all over her cute young tits.  Something tells me Zoe Clark won't stay true to her boyfriend and will come back to fuck that old cock!  (running time 34:26)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

5/3/2017   UPDATE: 152
UTR girl 1
is a petite 18 yo. cutie from the midwest who really wanted to try porn but was really scared of her family finding it.   So, being the horny old perve that I am I said sure I won't put the video out there on the internet if you just let me fuck you.  So, I am half keeping my bargain by only offering her pics and video in the secured members area. After getting her naked and exploring her 5 ft 90 lb. body, I let her show her cocksucking skills.  She looks so cute with my older cock in her mouth.  I couldn't wait to taste and fuck her tight 18 yo. pussy.  And boy was it tight!  I didn't last long before blowing my load all over her tummy.   In no time she had me hard again and climbed on to ride my cock before I pounded her doggystyle and gave her another load on her cute little butt.  You probably won't see any more videos of UTR girl 1 on here.  After all girls are only 18 and wanting to try porn once! (running time 44:23)

4/13/2017   UPDATE: 151
Meow Meow
is an 18 year old 90 lb. Asian cutie who had done a little modeling.   Like most 18 year olds she is very sexually curious about new experiences.  She of course had never done porn before, never had a black cock and never had an older man.  So she decided to knock off those three things in one nite!  After a brief interview we get a look at her slender, petite body before she shows her cocksucking skills.  Then we get a nice look at her cute ass as she climbs on and rides black cock for the first time.  We get a great view of her reverse cowgirl as she can't get enough cock riding.  Finally as our man pounds her tight pussy doggystyle he cums deep inside her in a creampie but just keeps fucking.  After more doggystyle, she gets on her knees and takes the remainder of his load on her face and in her mouth.  Hopefully we will see more of her riding cock! (running time 28:29)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

3/30/2017   UPDATE: 150
Candy Crisp
is a cute 19 year old from small town Wisconsin.  Tired of crappy minimum wage jobs she wants to be a "pornstar" to make some cash.  Her image of being in porn was fucking some hot young stud and getting paid lots for it.  Eventually she realized that her best opportunity to make cash was to fuck an  older guy like me!  You can tell in the video that she is uncomfortable about it all since she had never been with a guy older than 25 before.   But once she got naked and started sucking my cock she realized it was just another hard cock.  When I started licking her pussy, she realized that older guys were not so bad!  Her pussy was so tight that it didn't take long for me to creampie her 19 yo. pussy.  After fucking her in several positions and cumming on her again she decided taking older cock is not bad at all!  (running time 40:57)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

3/21/2017   UPDATE: 149
Eighteen year old cutie Anastasia Rose has previously gotten sex lessons from her old grandpa Matt to improve her sex skills at college.   Apparently she liked her grandpa's cock so much that she broke up with her boyfriend and came home from college to get more old cock!  After sucking grandpa Matt's cock well she climbs on to ride it before he takes her to the bed and pounds her good doggystyle and missionary before blowing his load all over her 18 yo. tummy.  Every grandpa needs a young slut like Anastasia Rose to stay young! (running time 29:58)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

2/18/2017   UPDATE: 148
Tim went over to his friend Chris's house to hang out on a break from college.   He walks in to find Chris's mom Mrs. P laying on a bed watching Chris's porn and no Chris around.   Mrs. P and Tim flirt a little but she doesn't want to cheat on her hubby.   In walks her daughter Lilly looking very cute and sexy.  We very rapidly discover that Mrs. P and her daughter have a very special mother-daughter relationship.  After getting naked and playing a little, Mrs. P pretty much invites Tim to fuck her daughter.    Things get pretty wild from there as we see what a great cocksucker Lilly is as she takes Tim's big cock deep in her mouth until she chokes all while she has been tied up by her mom.  Tim then fucks the hell out of Lilly while being cheered on by her mom.  Be sure to notice Lilly's legs in the air and how they shake while she is getting fucked and orgasming.   I just love a girl that get's into fucking that much.  Tim finishes with a hot creampie all over Lilly's young pussy.  (RUNNING TIME 25:51)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE

2/5/2017   UPDATE: 147
is a cute inked slut from the Chicago area that wants to try porn.   Just by my luck, she picked me to try her first porn shoot with.  She is a little quiet and shy at first but I instantly fell in love with her nice firm tits.  It seems as though her way of overcoming her shyness is to have a cock in her mouth, which works just fine for me!   After fucking her in several positions and cumming a little on her firm round butt, I pounded her hard on her back and filled her pussy with cum in a dripping creampie.  I just love quiet, shy girls who like to fuck! (running time 31:01)   For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

1/13/2017   UPDATE: 146
One day I was in the fast burger chain known for their golden arches eating some of their crappy food.  The shift manager walking around was a cute little 20 yo blonde named Brittney so that made it easier.  After talking to her a bit, she lamented how she was struggling to pay her bills after her boyfriend left her alone with their little one.  So she agreed to pose for some pics for me and I was amazed how comfortable she was getting naked.  I was even more amazed when she agreed to try a porn video!   This girl absolutely loves to suck cock and is proud of her BJ skills!   She couldn't wait to get fucked doggystyle even though she got her period while we were fucking as you will see in the video.  I just knew I had to put my "special sauce" all over that cute face of hers in a spurting facial!  (running time 37:07)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

1/4/2017   UPDATE: 145
is a cute high school senior with a wild side.  She had just turned 18 two weeks before this video was shot and she needed a job.  So she decided what better way to make a little extra cash after school than sucking cock and getting fucked on camera.   After interviewing her and hearing about her high school sexual experiences, she gets naked and shows us that cute 18 yo. body.  She was eager to show her blowjob skills and surprised me with her pornstar quality cocksucking!  After seeing her nice full round butt I knew I had to pound her doggystyle.  She did not disappoint as I slid my hard cock into that tight 18 yo. pussy. After fucking in several positions I finally had to blow my load all over her soft tummy and pussy.  I just love the enthusiasm for fucking of new 18 year olds!  I hope she got an A on her math homework she did after her first porn shoot! (running time 43:48)   For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

12/19/2016   UPDATE: 144
is a petite 18 year old with gorgeous brown eyes and a perfect little ass. She had very little experience with older guys until she decided to try porn. So I put her through the pervy old porn producer test and she passed. Very nervous at first, she started to relax a bit after she got naked, but when she took my hard cock in her mouth, she forgot I was 3 times her age. And after I licked her tight young pussy and slid my cock in she totally forgot about my age! When I saw her tight little ass and pussy I just knew she was perfect for doggystyle. So you will see lots of doggy in this video until I finally blow my load deep in her 18 yo. pussy in a creampie. (running time 48:12)   For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

12/1/2016   UPDATE: 143
Nicky Lynn
is a cute, adventurous college girl from Indiana.  She contacted me about doing some nude modeling for cash.  I suggested, she consider a porn shoot to make a little more cash.  To my surprise, she agreed and said she was open to fucking an older guy.  Little did I know what a freak this girl is!  She talks about her submissive side so she called me "sir" as she was sucking my cock and begging to get fucked.   This girl just can't get enough fucking and what a fun fuck she was!   She had never been creampied so she asked me to breed her young pussy.  How could I refuse an offer like that.   (running time 54:13)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

10/13/2016   UPDATE: 142
Evelyn Castile
previously had a little fun with her boyfriend's grandpa while the guys were golfing.  She loved the way the old man's sperm felt in her pussy.   Well guess what, the guys go golfing again and leave horny Evelyn with old Matt.  To top it off it is old Matt's birthday and Evelyn wants him to have some young pussy for his special day.  So she waits impatiently while he finishes some work, then he expertly licks her pussy on his desk before she drops to her knees to give him a nice birthday blowjob.  Matt can't stand it and just bends Evelyn over the chair doggystyle and fills her up with a dripping creampie.   Worn out, the old guy takes a little nap but Evelyn wakes him up to play some more and is soon riding his hard old cock.  Feeling rested, Matt pounds her young pussy good before giving her another load of sperm in a second creampie!   I bet all you older gentleman wish you could spend your birthday the way old Matt did!   (running time 38:49)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

9/28/2016   UPDATE: 141
is a struggling mom trying to make ends meet cleaning apartments.  She shows up at our man Derek's apartment to fill in for his regular housekeeper.  His apartment is very hot so she strips down to her panties and shirt to clean.  Derek returns from work unexpectedly and notices Erin's big tits and great ass.  He decides quickly things are clean enough in his apartment so why not just have some fun with Erin.  After lots of cocksucking and fucking, Derek puts his cock in her ass and gives her a nice anal creampie!   (running time 47:31)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE

9/9/2016   UPDATE: 140
Skyler Nicole
is an ebony college cutie who has learned that she can make points with her college professors with her gorgeous bubble butt.  She also learned that she really enjoys much older cock.  So she decided to see if that butt could be used on her much older stepdad to get cash for a New York shopping trip.  After resisting at first, he can't say no when she gets naked and then drops to her knees to suck his cock.  She finds out that her old stepdad knows how to fuck when she rides his cock and then gets pounded.   When he gets her doggystyle, he doesn't last long before blowing his load all over her nice round, brown butt.  All older guys should have a stepdaughter like Skyler Nicole!  (running time 26:50)   For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

8/29/2016   UPDATE: 139
is a curvy 18 yo.  with nice big tits who wants to try porn.  She wastes no time getting those tits out in our audition and can't wait to suck some older cock as well.  She soon has me blowing my load all over those big soft tits.  But being a horny 18 year old she wants to get fucked too, so she is soon riding my rod.  After pounding her doggystyle and making those big tits jiggle, I blow another load on her plump butt.  Finally i fuck her missionary and blow a third load on her tummy.  Just gotta love horny 18 year olds of all shapes and sizes! (running time 41:47) For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

8/8/2016   UPDATE: 138
Lola Hunter
has had a long day babysitting old Matt's grandkids.   She finds Matt frustrated with some work on his computer.  So she makes a deal with him that she will help him with his computer if she can get some cock.   So after she wiggles on his lap and gets his cock hard, she eagerly gets naked so she can feel Matt's experienced tongue on her pussy.   Lola is ready to be fucked right there on the table and confesses that her fantasy is to be fucked on a "breeding table".   After fucking her in several positions on and around the table he unloads his old man sperm deep in her fertile pussy in a dripping creampie!  Think of Lola next time you see a dining room table!  (running time 31:17) For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

7/29/2016   UPDATE: 137
Cassidy Blanc
is hanging out in old Matt's kitchen and decides she needs some cock.  What better place to enjoy some cock than the kitchen?  So after Matt fingers her young pussy she drops to her knees and shows what a cock sucking slut she is.    So, Matt brings in his friend to give her two cocks to play with.  After sucking both of their cocks, they take turns fucking her bent over until finally Matt blows his load on her in a dripping facial.  Cassidy Blanc looks so cute with a big load on her face! (running time 25:42) For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

7/14/2016   UPDATE: 136
Ivy Winters
has previously interviewed with old Matt for a babysitter position.  This time the old perve has Ivy come in for a second interview to prove she can compete with her competition for the job.  Ivy Winters shows what a good cumslut she really is as she sucks and fucks old Matt and takes his load while riding him.  After more pussy licking and fucking he gives her another load on her young tummy.  Ivy proves she is qualified as a babysitter and a cumslut! (running time 47:36)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

6/24/2016   UPDATE: 135
is a cute 19 yo. from Indiana.  She had considered trying porn but wasn't sure.  My timing was perfect as I contacted her on the day she had just gotten fired from her shitty waitressing job.   So, she was badly in need of cash which made her more open minded about getting fucked by someone 3 times her age. I just loved this girl's perfect body, perfect tits and tight little 19 yo. pussy.  She looks so cute with a cock in her mouth as she gave a great blowjob and even better as she rode my cock and got pounded doggystyle.  Her pussy was dripping wet and creamy the whole time so apparently she likes this kind of work!  As i finished off blowing my load on her tanned tummy, she looked worried and relayed to me that her boyfriend found out what she was doing and her mom was looking for her!  Kira likes the money of porn and apparently the fucking.  Hope we get to see her again!  (running time 36:14)    For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

5/20/2016   UPDATE: 134
Anastasia Rose
is a bubbly 18 yo. college freshman.    She is having fun at college with the boys but feels she is too awkward and inexperienced sexually.   So she goes to see her old grandpa for some advice and tips.   Much to her surprise, after he perves on her cute body he tells there he has to show her sexual tips not just tell her!   After shyly taking his old cock in her mouth she realizes she likes making grandpa hard.   She soon wants grandpas hard cock in her pussy as he shows her some good sex positions that will impress her college boyfriend.   He soon can't hold back any longer and he unloads his sperm in your young fertile cunt in a dripping creampie.   Anastasia can't wait for more sex lessons from grandpa!   (running time 40:27)   For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

5/12/2016   UPDATE: 133
Kylee Rae
is an adventurous college student who wants to try a little porn for extra college party money.  As we hear in our guy Rocky's interview she really likes girls a lot but knows that porn involves cute girls and cock.    So after warming her up with some kisses and pussy licking, she is more than ready to take Rocky's hard cock in her mouth.  After showing her expert cocksucking skills, Rocky can stand it no longer and unloads a blast of cum all over her cute face in a dripping facial.   After playing with a nice vibrator on her pussy she is ready for more cock in her pussy.  In no time, she coaxes another nice cumshot out of Rocky all over her perky tits. (running time 29:30) For a FREE preview CLICK HERE

4/28/2016   UPDATE: 132
Mia Laymoor
is 19 yo. cutie interviewing for a babysitter job with old Matt.   She has heard that he likes to fuck his babysitters and she doesn't mind because she loves older cock.  She wastes no time sitting on his lap so he can perve on her.  After finger fucking her, she sucks his cock and is more than ready to get fucked.  After blowing his load on her tummy she is still ready for more.  He fucks her in several more positions until he blows a second load on her young tummy.  With her cute looks and gorgeous pussy lips, she wins the job easily. (Running time 35:15)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

4/6/2016   UPDATE: 131
Matt has interviewed 18 year old cutie Aimee to work as a babysitter for him.  Being an old perve though he has Ariel Snow loosen her up with some hot girl-girl action in the jacuzzi.   Aimee has never been with a girl before and is anxious to find out what another girl's pussy tastes like.  After Ariel Snow finger fucks her and tries out her pussy licking skills, they have old Matt join in for some hot 3 some action.   Aimee get some hot babysitter evaluation as she sucks Matt's cock while Ariel plays with her pussy.    (running time 39:16)

3/24/2016   UPDATE: 130
Chelcee Clifton
hears that her old Uncle Matt has a job opening with his company.  Although she is not qualified for the job, she convinces old Matt to "interview" her.   She uses her 18 year old body and cocksucking skills to get his attention.   After he fucks her on the couch and cums on her cute ass, she takes him to the bedroom for more cock riding.   She seals the deal by telling him to blow his load in her fertile young pussy in a dripping creampie! (running time 31:54) For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

2/22/2016   UPDATE: 129
Anna Stark
is horny 20 yo. nympho from Wisconsin who has always dreamed of being in porn.  So, she picked me to try her first official porn shoot.  As soon as I met her, I could tell she wasn't nervous about her porn audition.  In fact, this girl could not wait to get naked, suck cock and get fucked even though I was the oldest guy she had ever been with.  She wanted to fuck as much as possible so I fucked her as hard as an old guy can in all the positions until I could stand it no longer and blew my load in her waiting pussy in a dripping creampie.  For security, she brought her boyfriend along, so I just handed him a camera and made him get all the good shots of me fucking his girl.   I love my job! (running time 51:59)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

2/9/2016   UPDATE: 128
Anastasia Rose
is a very cute 18 yo. fun loving cock slut from Florida.  She is determined she wants to be a feature girl on our site even though she is not from the midwest.  To prove it, she flew from warm Florida to cold Chicago in January to shoot midwest porn.   Less than an hour after picking her up from the airport, she was on her knees with my cock in her mouth and wanting to get fucked and the shoot hadn't even started!  When she met my camera guy, she dropped to her knees and sucked his cock as well.  After getting fucked and cummed on in a quick audition, she was ready for more.   How could I refuse to make an exception and designate her a very naughty midwest girl!   Watch for more of this very fun slut on this site. (running time 29:05)   For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

1/26/2016   UPDATE: 127
Becca Burnz
is a petite young mom and former stripper from Michigan.   She misses the attention she got being on stage naked as a dancer.  To boost her confidence, she decides to give porn a try.  A little shy and nervous at first, she quickly shows her great cocksucking skills.  Old porn producer Matt bangs her doggystyle before putting her in some sexy lingerie.  She gets fucked and creampied again before riding his cock and getting pounded doggy again with a cumshot on her ass.   She decided that getting fucked on camera is WAY more fun than just stripping! (running time 48:35)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video   CLICK HERE

1/13/2016   UPDATE: 126
Lola Hunter
is an 18 year old cutie from Nebraska who is going to college in Chicago.  She applies for a job taking care of old Matt's grandkids.   Little does he know that Lola has already talked to some of Matt's prebious babysitters and heard what an old perve he is.   She decides what could be better than to get paid well for babysitting and satisfy her curiosity about much older cock.   After wasting no time getting naked on Matt's lap and sucking his cock, she gets fucked in several positions before taking his sperm deep in her young pussy in a dripping creampie.   Everyone needs a babysitter like Lola Hunter! (running time 33:17)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

1/8/2016   UPDATE: 125
is a cute 19 year old who contacted me about doing porn after a photographer friend did a nude shoot of her.  I liked her looks and nice tits so I decided to give her a shot.  There are some girls who look hot in still photos and then try porn and just can't pull it off.   Lexi is one of them.   Being the horny old perve that I am I usually can't wait to fuck these younger girls multiple times.    Try as I might, I just could not get into fucking this cutie.   She had already had a kid and was about to get her period so her pussy did not feel like a typical tight 19 yo. pussy.   So what you will see in this video is her getting naked and lots of pussy play.   I did manage to fuck her doggystyle at the end and blow my load on her ass.   Some days my job is just hard work!  (running time 25:24)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

12/21/2015   UPDATE: 124
Chelcee Clifton
has her old uncle Matt wrapped around her finger as she teases him with her young pussy.  He agrees to hire her to clean his house but she just wants to get naked while cleaning.   After getting herself off with a vibrator in the living room, old Matt finds her naked in his kitchen.  She wastes no time sucking his cock because she would rather get fucked in the kitchen than clean it!  After an afternoon of fucking, she convinces Matt to pick her up the next day to finish the cleaning.  Chelcee has never given a BJ in a car before so she sucks old Matt's cock until he blows his load in her cute mouth.   She knows how to take care of her old uncle!    (running time 35:32)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

12/8/2015   UPDATE: 123
Midwest girl Lola Hunter is in LA visiting friends with her long time friend Shy.   While in LA she finds out her boyfriend back in Nebraska is cheating on her.  Her friend Shy consoles her and offers her friendship when they realize the best way to forget a dick back home is to enjoy each other's pussies!   Lots of hot pussy licking and 69 action of each other's slender, petite bodies in this very hot video. Watch for more of Lola Hunter the slender cutie from the midwest here! (running time 30:58)   For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

11/28/2015   UPDATE: 122
Mary Jane
is a cute, adventurous 18 year old with some ink.   She wants to be a big pornstar so she was eager to show our man Derek her cocksucking skills.   After plowing her tight eighteen year old pussy in several positions, she wanted to show him how cute she would look with cum running down her chin.   A cute eighteen year old that loves older cock and cum on her face.  I think Mary Jane has a future in porn!  (running time 38:20)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

11/21/2015   UPDATE: 121
is an 18 year old ebony cutie from Wisconsin who prefers caucasian guys. But she has never been with a guy older than 30.  But she loves cocks of all colors and ages and loves to make them hard.   She wastes no time with old Matt in her porn audition as she shows her great cocksucking abilities.  After tasting her 18 year old pussy, old Matt plows her cunt until he fills it with his sperm.  Lavendar quickly decides she likes older cock and sucks and fucks Matt some more until he blows another load all over her cute brown ass. (running time 46:21)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

10/30/2015   UPDATE: 120
Old photographer Matt had always wanted to do a photoshoot with busty Playboy and Penthouse model Autumn Westin.  She was in Chicago doing some shoots and finally agreed to do a little amateur shoot as long as her traveling friend Daisy was included.   Autumn was in a playful mood and decided to have a little fun teasing Matt about his age.  After satisfying her curiosity about whether an older guy could get hard she decided that maybe sucking and fucking an older cock might be fun. Autumn's nice big tits look even better as she is sucking cock.   Those big tits look better when she is riding a cock.   The photoshoot quickly turns into a fuckfest as the two girls take turns fucking old Matt.   The next old photographer that shoots with Autumn Westin may be in for a surprise! (run time 40:44)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

10/23/2015   UPDATE: 119
Ginger Lea
has done a lot of fashion and glamour modeling. But in this amateur video she shows how much she prefers modeling her pussy with a toy on it. Also how much she loves to model with a cock in her mouth and cum on her tits. And finally how she likes to model on her back getting fucked. (Run time 41:21)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE   Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

10/14/2015   UPDATE: 118
Marie Fullbush
wanted to do something special for a big fan of hers named Albert.  So she used his name throughout this video as we get good POV on her sucking my cock before giving us a great view of her hairy pussy as she rides cock.   After some fun missionary, she plays with a vibrator in her ass wanting my cock in there.   But when I saw that beautiful hairy pussy pointing back at me doggystyle, I knew I had to fill it with my jizz in a dripping creampie! (Running Time 24:51)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

9/30/2015   UPDATE: 117
Jessica Tight
is a hot blonde from Michigan who is in Chicago on business.   Her flight home has been cancelled and she has no hotel room for the night.   Our man Derek comes to her "rescue" as he offers to let her stay in his room.  Too bad there is only one bed and she only has some hot lingerie to sleep in.   After getting a glimpse of her perfect tits and gorgeous ass in that lingerie, Derek is thinking about fucking instead of sleeping.   Apparently Jessica has the same idea as she wastes no time sucking on Derek's cock before getting fucked in various positions.  She gets rewarded with gobs of hot cumall over her hairy pussy.   Something tells me there wasn't much sleeping the rest of the night in that room!  (running time 32:43)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

9/24/2015   UPDATE: 116
Sophia Syxx
is a cute eighteen year old with gorgeous tits.   Even though she is only eighteen, she has ventured into the adult world to get lots of ink and a few piercings.   After doing a photo shoot where she proudly showed off her body and played with her pussy, she couldn't wait to come back and do it on video.  In her first video she shows what a truly naughty girl she can be as she talks dirty to the camera as she gets herself off with a vibrator. In the second segment, she covers herself in oil while wearing some classy high heels and gets herself off TWICE more!   (running time 30:17)  

9/11/2015   UPDATE: 115
Chelcee Clifton
has just turned 18 and comes over to see her old "Uncle Matt".  He hasn't seen her since she has grown into a full developed young lady.  He also doesn't understand why she is wearing such a skimpy little school girl outfit. She confesses that her old uncle has always made her "tingly down there" and now that she is old enough she wants his old cock.  She wastes no time in getting his cock hard and showing how cute she looks sucking cock.  After taking his cock cock in her tight teen pussy and making him blow his sperm all over fertile cunt she wants more.  She hops on and rides his cock before he finishes off pounding her doggystyle.  Everyone should have a naughty niece like Chelcee!    (running time 32:25)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

8/29/2015   UPDATE: 114
Evelyn Castile
has some fun with her boyfriend's grandpa in a previous update.  After fucking her several times, old Matt is worn out and needs a nap.  But horny young Evelyn wants more old cock.  She gets old Matt's attention with the lingerie she is wearing and then fully wakes him up with some good cock sucking.  She is then ready for some good spoon style fucking before getingg pounded doggystyle and getting Matt's old sperm on her firm young ass   (running time 16:44)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE

8/7/2015   UPDATE: 113
Amber Stone
is a hot redhead college girl from Chicago who went off to Florida to get a higher education.  Instead she got some fertile sperm in her pussy and got knocked up.  So, she came home to have her little one and was in need of cash, so she thought why not do a little nude modeling.  While showing off her pretty prego tummy for the photographer she confesses that her boyfriend is afraid to have sex with her while pregnant and she is really horny as a result.  So, she lets Matt the old photographer play with her hairy red pussy and in no time she wants his old cock.  After sucking his cock and making him blow his load all over her bulging  tits and tummy,she wants to get fucked bad.  Old Matt fucks her hard and leaves his old man sperm dribbling out her fiery red cunt in a dripping creampie!.    (running time 35:38)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

7/28/2015   UPDATE: 112
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a hot porn slut like Ivy Winters suck your cock and then climb on an ride it?   Watch this video and you will get a pretty good idea!   Ivy is auditioning to appear on our man Derek's new website and doesn't mind showing him what she has and her talents.  We get to see lots of hot POV blowjob action as Ivy looks right at you with her gorgeous green eyes.  After getting fucked in several positions, Ivy climbs on Derek's cock and gives him a nice view of her ass until he fills her hot pussy with cum in a nice creampie!.    (running time 43:20)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

7/16/2015   UPDATE: 111
As I was grabbing a t-shirt to wear on a warm summer day, I realized I have old rock concert shirts that are way older than Chelcee, our newest naughty midwest girl.  Chelcee had just turned 18 a few months ago and graduated high school.  Not sure what to do with her summer, she decided to try porn.   When I saw how young and cute she was I thought there was no way she wanted anything to do with an old pervert like me and told her I was a little unsure about her comfort level.  When we met at the door and she grabbed my cock I started to think otherwise.  And when she popped her bra off and let out those absolulutely PERFECT 34C tits, my guilt went away.   She had told me she had a bit of a fetish for much older guys, but I was a bit skeptical.  But, when I felt how wet her tight young pussy was, I realized it might be true.  Looking down at this cutie with my cock in her mouth, it didn't take long to blow my load on her cute face and mouth in a dripping facial.   After fucking in several positions she got two more cumshots out of me.  I think the class of 2015 has a bright future taking care of their elders!.    (running time 48:11)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

7/8/2015   UPDATE: 110
Izrah Indica
is applying for a job in Chicago with Matt's company.  Little does Matt know that Izrah is little Izzy that used to sit on his lap in his office when she came in with her father.  Izzy also has grown a gorgeous set of big tits and loves to fuck.   She shows old Matt how she still wants to sit on his lap and make his cock hard.  After showing off her boobs she wastes no time in showing her great cocksucking skills.  She wants to secure this job and have fun with old Matt so she rides his cock good before taking a pounding doggystyle.  He finally plows her young pussy and gives her a nice dripping creampie.  Lil Izzy sure grew up to be a very naughty girl!.    (running time 33:56)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

6/4/2015   UPDATE: 109
Kristen Jordan
and Aurora Rose meet for the first time to do a photoshoot with a photographer while wearing some hot fishnet lingerie and stockings.  While they are posing, Kristen gets to play with Aurora's nice big tits.   As we soon see, this has made Kristen's pussy very wet and we get some nice views of her getting licked by Aurora.  Two hot ladies, big tits, wet pussies.  My kind of photoshoot!.    (running time 24:04)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

5/28/2015   UPDATE: 108
Bailey and Allie
are two hot girls who are good friends and like to try crazy things together.  So why not try a porn shoot together!  Our lucky guy Derek gets to experience these two hotties trying to outdo each other showing off their cock sucking skills.  Bailey also likes to show how her big tits will fit nicely around a cock.  After stroking and sucking cock fervently, Derek delivers a nice load on both of them with a nice facial on Bailey.    (running time 27:31)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE    Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

5/8/2015   UPDATE: 107
Dimond Lily
is an 18 year old struggling college student interested in trying porn to make some extra cash.   There is only one problem.  She is a lesbian and doesn't like cock.   She had just a little limited experience with boys in high school and has never had a cumshot on her.   So, how did I initiate her into porn?  Fuck her and cum on her of course!  With the help of her friend Kiki Munroe, she got over her shyness and nervousness and got naked to show off her cute 34C tits.  This was the only boy/girl video she did.  Maybe lesbians are not supposed to like getting fucked by an old guy?.  (running time 26:46)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

4/30/2015   UPDATE: 106
Autumn Capulet
is a 19 year old redhead cutie college student who needs to earn cash for her tuition.   Since she has perfect white skin and firm natural boobs and has a fascination for older guys, why not let her earn her tuition sucking cock?   She was a little nervous about doing her first porn shoot, so we had Aubrey Lee there to give her support.   After our little interview, Autumn was more than ready to get naked with Aubrey and she was more than ready to impress Aubrey with her cocksucking  skills. I let Aubrey take over as a naked camera girl so I could fully enjoy Autumn's great blowjob skills.  I could take it no longer and let loose with a blast of cum in her nineteen year old mouth.  After Aubrey had showed me how tight Autumn's pussy was with her finger, I had to have her ride my cock.  Finishing with some spoon fucking, I blew my load right on her young pussy.  (running time 40:27)   For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

4/15/2015   UPDATE: 105
Kiki Munroe
is doing a little custom solo video for one of her fans.   Severin Graves gets impatient and wants to sample Kiki's tasty young pussy right away! After using her tongue and a toy to make Kiki cum, Severin is ready to be on the receiving end.   Kiki shows that she is very experienced at eating pussy and has Severin squirming good.   Severin even decides she needs a cock in her mouth too as she sucks Matt's cock while he runs the camera.   Just another winter night in Milwaukee! (running time 33:48)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

4/2/2015   UPDATE: 104
is a hot slut with a long time boyfriend.  Her boyfriend thought she was hot enough to do porn so he brought her to our guy Derek for an audition. After showing how cute she looks sucking cock it is time for her to get fucked.  Emily is a little quiet and shy but you can still tell that she is enjoying some different cock for a change.  Her boyfriend is watching in the background and can stand it no longer and decides he must join the action.  So, he gets his dick sucked by her while she is getting fucked doggystyle in some hot threesome action and soon he blows his load all over her perky tits.  Then he settles back and watches her ride Derek's cock until he fills her pussy with cum in a throbbing creampie.  Every boyfriend should share his girl like Emily's did! (running time 35:37) For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

3/23/2015   UPDATE: 103
Ariel Snow
is a hot slut who loves to party a little.   She has a good job working for old Matt and George's company.  After she gets too flirty at a customer reception and gets the attention of some of the customers wives for her sluttyness, she is about to lose her job.   So, if she is about to get fired for being slutty, she figures why not REALLY be a slut and try to save the job.  She wastes no times sucking and stroking both old cocks before they both have fun sampling her pussy.  Matt fucks her while she sucks George's cock as she coaxes two cumshots out of him.  There is nothing like ensuring some job security! (running time 41:37) For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

3/3/2015   UPDATE: 102
is a 19 year old petite cutie from Wisconsin.  She has done babysitting for old Matt before and actually liked the extra "services" that he expects.  Little does he know that when he arrives home she wants some of his old cock.  After sucking his cock she can't wait to feel his older experienced tongue on her young pussy.  After he has her writhing from a good pussy licking she is ready to ride his hard cock.   He finishes her off by laying her back on the bed for some good hard missionary pounding.  (running time 21:11)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

2/23/2015   UPDATE: 101
Katie Creampie
is a cute 20 year old college student from Illinois.  She loves the idea of getting paid to get naked, show her blowjob skills and get fucked.   And this girl just LOVES the feeling of a man spurting his seed in her young pussy.   The messier the better, hence the reason for her name Katie Creampie!    (running time 38:39)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE

2/12/2015   UPDATE: 100
Evelyn Castile
is with her boyfriend at a family gathering.  She is bored hanging out at the hotel while he golfs with his cousins.  Little does she know that her boyfriends grandfather is spying on her a bit admiring her cute body.   And little does he know that she is fantasizing in her mind about getting fucked by a much older guy like him.  We see glimpses of what she is thinking about as she fantasizes.  As she chats with the grandfather, she confesses that her boyfriend won't cum in her pussy and she asks the older man to do it for her.  After a little hesitation, he can't resist her perky young tits and juicy, tight pussy.   After riding his cock, he lays her back and breeds her young pussy filling it with his older man spermin a dripping wet creampie!    (running time 50:00)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video   CLICK HERE

1/28/2015   UPDATE: 099
Tinka Rose
is one of the tallest girls to ever do porn, at a shade over 6 ft tall.  That means she has some LONG LEGS that lead up to a delectable pussy.  Top that off with a nice set of gorgeous big tits and you have a Wisconsin girl built for fucking.  I met up with Tinka right after a vacation to Mexico where she got fucked on the beach.  She was still very horny after that experience so she was more than happy to show how much she loved to use vibrators on her pussy.   To my surprise, she wanted me to help her with those toys!  After helping her with a larbe vibrator in several positions, we had a little fun with some oil which she let me rub on her and she relived her vacation experience and came very nicely for the camera.!    (running time 34:09)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video  CLICK HERE

1/8/2015   UPDATE: 098
Ivy Winters
gives us  a little insight into her escapades as a porn star in LA.  She talks about her love of taking on 4-5 hard cocks at once during and after porn shoots in LA.  She then reveals that her gangbang fantasy extend back to her cheerleader days with her school football team.   She also reveals her desire to get gangbanged by the Green Bay Packers if they win the SuperBowl.  Ivy further confesses her most outrageous cockslut fantasy - to be gangbanged by a group of much older guys like her former teachers.    Talking about the fantasy makes her pussy very wet and she then challenges old Matt to do a one man gangbang on her by fucking her FOUR times.  She nearly kills him but he does his best!    (running time 36:39)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE  Or to buy just this video CLICK HERE

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