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Winter Blowes - Marathon fuck part2
In a previous update you saw Winter Blowes get fucked for almost an hour by my buddy.  This horny young college girl just loves to suck cock and fuck to earn her college tuition.  After getting fucked earlier and taking a break, she got the vibrator out and started playing and was ready to get fucked more by any available cock.  That's where I came in and in no time I was licking her young, wet pussy.   After lots of hard doggystyle fucking, I threw her on her back and pounded her good until I blasted a good load of cum on her tummy.   Be sure to check out the little preview video of the stop we made at a car wash on the way to the shoot! (Running Time 32:21)

Aubrey Ivy Jayla - 3 girl fun
Ever go to the porn conventions like Exxxotica and wonder what happens in those hotel rooms after the show closes?  This is a good insight into that!  Aubrey Lee, Ivy Winters and Jayla Diamond decided to get together and do a little webcamming for their fans.   Those fans paid VERY good money to watch this show live so these three girls made sure they got their money's worth.  The biggest problem you will have is that with 3 gorgeous sets of tits and 3 hot pussies on screen at all times it is VERY hard to decide what to focus your eyes on.   These three hot pornstars give us a great show of hot lesbian action, pussy licking, etc while they use vibrators on each other.

Belle Knox - My First Big Dildo
We have a nice little surprise update for you this week.  I have to confess that Belle Knox is not a midwest girl.   But she is from Washington state and goes to college at Duke in NC.  So she flies over the midwest when she goes home to visit and that qualifies her as a naughty midwest girl right?  I also have to confess that I am swept up in the interest in this cute little 18 yo. college freshman.   I have seen her interviewed on TV a couple of times and she is  an intelligent, charming young lady.   She is also a very horny eighteen year old and loves to fuck!   This is a little amateur video that was shot of her before she became a household name where she tries out a nice fat dildo on her young pussy.   From the look on her cute face and the girl cum oozing out of her tight young pussy at the end, I would say she enjoys her work! Note:  Since this is a very short video we are offering the downloads in 1280x720 Hi-Def (Running Time 8:16)

Amai Liu - Pigtails and Stockings
Amai Liu is a hot little Asian princess that loves to show off her colorful cute striped knee high socks. She loves to look cute, innocent and petite in those pigtails and stockings.  Didn't take long for our guy Derek to get her stripped down to nothing but those knee high socks and get her working his hard cock. She took it deep in her tight little pussy and mouth to show she was truly much more slutty than her appearance.  She even got so worked up she squirted some milk from her perky little nipples on his cock and licked it up.  He couldn't take it anymore and dumped a huge load of cum on her sweet little asian cunt.!  (Running Time 35:14)

Leila Manson - First Porn
Leila Manson is a young slut from Wisconsin who had just turned 18 and wanted to make money in porn.  Although her body isn't perfect, she has a cute smile and bedroom brown eyes and a horny attitude, so I decided to give her an audition.    After picking her up and heading to a hotel suite, she had to wait while I set up my cameras and lights.   She got impatient to make her porn debut and before I knew it she was on her knees sucking my cock. It didn't seem to phase her much that she had never fucked anyone older than 20 before, she was ready to try some older cock!  She had never used a toy before so she wasted no time playing with some vibrators while I finished setting up.   Finally we started the actual audition and she learned how to do reverse cowgirl and spoon before laying back and taking my old cock missionary and a good load of older man sperm all over her fertile eighteen year old pussy!  (Running Time 49:14)

Debrah Ann - Slut Wife
Debrah Ann is a hot housewife who sits around horny all day while her hubby works.  Older businessman Matt stops by to collect a payment on a truck he sold to her hubby.   When Matt insists on getting payment, Deborah Ann uses her best skills to buy a payment extension, her cocksucking and fucking skills!   After seeing that she has no underwear on under her short skirt, she has Matt's attention.  When she drops to her knees and sucks his cock, she REALLY has his attention.  After some hard cock riding and doggystyle Matt can stand it no longer and blows his load all over her face in a cum splattering facial cumshot! I think Matt hopes he has to come back for more payment collection.  (Running Time 24:15)

Daisy - First Porn
Daisy is naive young cutie from Michigan who turned 18 just 6 weeks before these photos and video were taken.  She was so naive, I sent her to  the bathroom  to check her hair and makeup and she came out stark naked saying she knew it was a nude shoot!   Although she was a little shy, she was certainly proud of her 34DD's.  I had to keep coaxing her to spread her legs though and  figured out why when I saw  that little white string hanging out!   When I told her we were about to start the blowjob scene, I don't think she believed that she was going to actually have to suck my cock.  Listen carefully and you will hear her ask me  "What am I supposed to do again?" She was a little shy and awkward posing for the photos.  No matter how she posed or what position she was in, those 34DD's still looked great.  She was pretty quiet and not a real bubbly personality, but with funbags like that who cares!    When I got her in some doggystyle shots, I could see she had a nice plump butt too.   Even though she said she was on her period and couldn't  fuck, I just knew I had to do a cumshot on that plump butt of hers!   She told me she was interested  in doing more shoots, but I was never able to contact her again and I heard she hooked up with a new boyfriend.  So, this is her one and only porn shoot  she ever did.  Hopefully her new boyfriend won't find this video! (Running time 16:29)

Autumn Winters - Horny intern
Autumn Winters is a corporate marketing intern for the older executive Matt.   On a trip out of town to do an important presentation their meeting is delayed a few hours.   Autumn is very certain what she wants to do with that extra time.  She wants older cock!  After getting naked and showing off her slender young body she wastes no time sucking Matt's cock so she can get fucked.   He pounds her spoon style and blows his load on her tummy very quickly.   Autumn's shows her cocksucking skills to get him hard again and jumps on for some hot reverse cowgirl.   Finally he pounds her doggystyle and missionary and gives her another shot of older sperm on her slender tummy.   Matt reassures  her job is VERY secure! (Running Time 32:29)

Mimi Farra - Babysitter interview
Mimi Farra needed a babysitter job badly.  She had heard about the old pervert Matt and the things she did with his babysitters.  So, she knew once he saw her gorgeous tits and felt her soft lips on his cock she was in for the job.   As it turned out he had one his previous babysitters Kiki Munroe there to help coach her along on the convincing.  After showing off her tits and sucking his cock for a while, they moved to the bed and old Matt showed her his tongue skills with some expert pussy licking.   He was more than ready to plunge his cock in her young pussy and didn't last long before blowing his load on her pussy.  More experienced Kiki knew he was good for some more fucking so she sucked his cock for a while and had Mimi hop on for some hot cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.   After pumping her doggystyle, he gave her another blast on her ass.   Young slut Mimi seems to like her babysitter duties! (Running Time 25:40)

Ivy Winters - Plays Nurse

Ivy Winters
is back home in Madison, WI from shooting porn in LA. She runs into her friend Matt on a cold, snowy night at a used car lot. He has a bad leg from an injury. Being the good slut she is, she offers to nurse him back to health in the jacuzzi with her mouth on his cock and her hot pussy on his cock. She decided he needs lots of her nursing attention as she gets no less than 3 cumshots out of him!  Ivy makes a very good nurse even with her different nursing methods!   Now don't all you guys rush out and injure your leg so you can spend the whole evening fucking Ivy Winters for your therapy!

Leona Dulce - Two cocks one ass
If you look back in our updates you will see a cute 18 year old Latina girl named Alicia having some hot girl-girl fun with petite Tecey Heart.  That was her real first time on video.  Shortly after that, she became cocksucking, ass-fucking Leona Dulce.   This is her first video in the pro porn world as she takes not one but two different fat cocks in her luscious pussy and ass.   This was also her first time fucking two guys at once and she takes it like a champ.  After taking a big anal creampie from a big black cock she takes a second load from a big throbbing cock all over her face in a dripping facial! (Running Time 34:44)

Larkin Love & Aubrey Lee - Big tits meets perfect ass
Larkin Love and Aubrey Lee had just met as part of a crazy night of partying and porn filming.  Larkin was immediately mesmerized by Aubrey's perfect ass.  Can you blame her?   Meanwhile Aubrey was totally in love with Larkin's nice big soft tits.  So, they start out getting undressed and checking out each others "assets" and it soon leads to pussy licking and using toys on each other.  They also take turns slightly off camera giving one of their fans the BJ of his life.    Aubrey finally gets herself off with a toy while watching Larkin give a nice sloppy BJ.  Enjoy these two hot ladies! (Running Time 16:40)

Victoria Petite - First Porn
Victoria Petite is a very young looking 18 year old from Wisconsin. Being only 5 ft. tall and having a girlish voice she could pass for much younger, but believe me I checked her ID's several times. In this video she does her very first interview and strip on camera. We get to see her perky little 36A's for the first time as well as her cute pussy.   She then demonstrates her cock sucking skills and really uses her tongue on a hard dick. She gets rewarded for her efforts with a cumshot all over her nubile tits.  Wanting to start a career in porn, she wants to show her fucking skills. so she gets old Matt hard with her tongue then climbs on for a ride. He finally fucks her hard doggystyle and cums all over her ass.! (Running Time 20:59)

Stacy Starr -  First porn
As I promised earlier ago when I introduced you to Stacy Starr the small town girl from Iowa, you would get to see her cock riding skills.   Besides her cock riding skills, you will also get to see her favorite activity, sucking cock.  So, after you pick your jaw up from the floor when you see her in action, get out the lube and watch Stacy in the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl segment of this video.  It is one of the HOTTEST I have been involved in.  There is nothing hotter than a BIG TIT girl like Stacy bouncing up and down as she rides cock!

Marie Fullbush -  babysitter interview
Marie Fullbush comes over to older guy Matt's house to interview for a babysitter position.  Little does he know that she already knows that he fucks his babysitters and she is fine with that!.   After convincing him that she is like the hippy girls of his youth she further convince him by sucking his cock.   Then, they move to the bed and she shows him her hairy pussy just like the hippy girls of the 70's.    She seals the deal by riding his old cock until he is ready to fuck the hell out of her and fill her hairy pussy with an older man sperm creampie.   Everyone should have a babysitter like Marie! (Running Time 30:55)

Trinity -  BJ and Sex training
Trinity is a petite cutie from small town Indiana who wanted to learn more about sex since most of her experience was in the back seat of a car with young inexperienced guys.    There is just something about a young cutie who wants to learn to suck cock properly, so how could I refuse when she asked me to teach her.  After a few lessons on using her tongue, she eagerly did deep throating and then used her petite hands to make my cock spurt good for her.   To my surprise she decided to spend the night with me and we had a few more lessons off-camera.   After waking up and lounging around naked a bit, she was ready for more lessons.  This time she was ready for some older cock in your tight young pussy!  How could I argue with that?   She got rewarded with a nice load of cum all over her young tummy! (Running Time 34:55)

Riley Winters (Emma Heart) -  First girl-girl
Emma Heart is a major porn star. This is an amateur video shot of her doing her first girl/girl video back in 2007 when she was fairly new in the business and going by the name Riley Winters. Riley was from a very small town in northern Indiana and Kali was from northern Kentucky so they were traveling together to some shoots.  Kali and I had been talking about getting together for a shoot. I got a call from Kali one day that her and Riley were in Chicago and had gotten scammed on a shoot and were stranded there.   So, I quickly went into aciton setting up a shoot with them.  They were eager to work with me if I would help them out.  They told me they would do a hot girl/girl video for me and would both fuck me in a boy/girl/girl scene too!  How could I say no to that!  So this hot girl/girl action was the result. We see lots of kissing and pussy licking between her and her friend Kali. Finally Kali takes a big dildo and fucks Riley hard with it. We see some nice closeups of Riley's cute pussy and watch her get off nicely. Enjoy!      (running time 31:32)

Andreanna Peace -  Babysitter
Andreanna Peace wanted a babysitting job with the much older guy Matt.   After Matt tells her he expects a few "fringe benefits"  from his sitters, she confesses that her boyfriend complains about her blowjobs.  So, after a little perving on her cute young body by Matt, he proceeds to give her lots of practice on his older cock with lots of cocksucking in various ways.  Just when you think he is gonna blow his load all over her cute face, we realize he has other ideas as he is thinking about her hot young pussy.   After licking her pussy in 69 and finger fucking her, she hops on his old cock in reverse cowgirl.  Her pussy is so hot, wet and tight as she fucks his old cock, he blows his load very quick.    Wait until you see the next installment of what this cute naughty little babysitter can do!   (running time 34:53)

Ally -  First Solo

Ally is a cute struggling college student from Wisconsin.   She had done some modeling and a few nudes but was having a hard time finding paid work.  So, she told me if I paid her better than modeling rates she would do some "crotch shots".   To my surprise when I offered to have her play with her cute young pussy on video she agree.    She starts out just a bit shy and quiet as she gets naked and tries out the vibrator.   She gets herself off nicely although a little quietly.   In the second segment she starts out wearing some very sexy lingerie, but wastes not time getting it off so she can get that vibrator in her pussy.  This time she opens up with some dirty talk and shows her slutty side.  We see her tight young pussy, getting very wet from the vibrator.  In the final segment, she uses a nice big pink dildo and rides it like a big cock before taking it in her pussy doggystyle.   Get out your dick when you watch this one as you will be fantasizing about fucking this little hottie!   (running time 36:14)

Grace Wood - Fucks Her Boss

What happens when you bring an LA girl back to her midwest roots in January?  You get frozen
big boobs as you can see in the photos!  But the best way for big boobed blonde Grace Wood to thaw out is to be naked and fucking under the hot lights.  So, I hooked her up with my fellow Wisconsin porn buddy Trent Diesel and they had a little fun showing us what happens when two people work too hard on the road and need a little relaxation time.  Grace Wood does a great job showing her boss Trent what she imagined them doing at the office!    Grace got what she wanted from Trent, a nice big cum facial!

Brandy Wethorn -  First Anal

Brandy Wethorn is a  young 19 year old farm girl from Iowa who looks very innocent and average. Who would have guessed what a horny butt slut she is!  In this her first adult video, she takes on Tom, an all-American guy from Wisconsin with a 9 inch cock. She takes his cock in her mouth with great fervor then rides it like a cowgirl. Tom decides to take control and slams his 9 inches into her in several positions. Finally she begs for him to put his cock in her ass and she takes all 9 inches deep in her ass. Tom can't take that very long and shoots a load of hot cum all over her ass.    (running time 22:34)

Andreanna Peace -  First Girl-Girl

After doing her porn audition with old porn director Matt and Kiki Munroe the naked camera girl, Andreanna Peace was ready to try her first experience with a girl.   Kiki Munroe was more than eager to "break in" her cute blonde friend.    After getting each other naked Kiki warms up Andreanna's tasty young pussy with a vibrator and her tongue.   She is a little too quiet and shy to show just how much she likes a girl licking her pussy, but when we see how wet and sticky her pussy is we know the truth.    Kiki wastes no time getting into a 69 position so she can try out Andreanna's pussy licking skills.  They then have a little fun using the vibrators before taking turns filming each other.  Lots of hot girl-girl fun with these two hotties!.    (running time 32:28)

Evelyn Castile -  Schoolgirl Audition

I just LOVE Catholic school girls!   So, I decided to put Evelyn in a cute little schoolgirl outfit and let her live out her fantasy of being a very slutty schoolgirl. She starts off by showing off her tits and pussy while wearing the schoolgirl outfit.   Then she gets out a nice toy and we get to watch it going in and out of her tight young pussy.   She is now ready to play with much older Matt again as she hops on and rides his cock in some reverse cowgirl.   Like a true young slut she is more than ready for more fucking with some hard doggystyle and a nice cumshot all over her ass and pussy.    (running time 33:19)

Evelyn Castile -  Creampie Audition

I just LOVE Catholic school girls!   They are forced to try and be good girls while they sit in classes often taught by older male teachers.  So to let out their natural sexual frustrations they sit there and fantasize about fucking those older guys teaching them.   Such is the case with 19 year old cutie Evelyn when she came to me wanting to audition for porn.   She not only fantasized about older men, she thought about her pussy being filled with an older mans sperm.  After interviewing her about all the sexual fantasies she had, I got her naked and explored her perfect 5'2" body with 32C tits and a VERY tight young pussy.  I just couldn't keep my hands and tongue off that tight little pussy of hers, especially the way she responded when I fingered her.   After she took my older cock in her mouth eagerly, she was ready to fulfill her "breeding fantasy".    With her pussy being SO tight, it didn't take me long to fill that young cunt with a throbbing creampie.  Watch for the second part of this audition where she dresses up in a slutty schoolgirl outfit and rides my old cock like a naughty little slut..  (running time 38:48)

Severin Graves -  DP discussion

This video is a result of the aftermath of some hot girl/girl fun between Severin Graves and Aubrey Lee
.   Aubrey knew that Severin had done a double penetration scene and was curious about it.  That led to a totally goofy discussion of various types of DP.   Before I knew it, Aubrey was sucking my dick so she could see me put it in Severin's ass.   Severin admitted that the hot girl/girl action left her wanting a cock in her ass.    So, me being the only lucky old guy there, we couldn't do a true DP but we sure had fun exploring the options!   Check out the hot anal action.  (running time 31:18)

Ivy Winters - Aubrey Lee - Footjobs skills

Two of our featured girls on this site Ivy Winters and Aubrey Lee have shown many times why they are some of the best cumsluts in the Midwest.  They have shown their great skills sucking cock and using their tight young pussies to make hard cocks explode.   So, I decided to show you their true range of skills by making them use their feet.  Now, I have to admit, the foot fetish thing is popular but it is not my favorite way to get off.   So, it is a true test of these girls skills when they can get nice spurting cumshots out of me on their pretty feet!   Sit back enjoy and compare the slightly different styles each of them use.    (running time 24:06)

Sophie - First porn

Sophie is a cute 18 year old college freshman from the upscale suburbs of Chicago.  She has a nice youthful body and an eclectic, artistic personality typical of large city college girls.    She said she wanted to do porn because she liked sex and has a lot of "love to give"   Of course, after I saw her cute young body, I was mostly interested in the "art" of her sucking my cock.   I think by the end as I was banging the shit out of her doggystyle she realized porn is all about simple fucking.    Oh and to make thing even more artistic and interesting, she got her period early in the shoot but still wanted to continue.  So, if you see a little extra red color on my dick in the video do not adjust your monitor.  LOL!      (running time 39:35)

Jayla Diamond - porn audition part 2

As promised in a previous update that featured Jayla Diamond's midwest porn audition we wanted to show you what happened later that night.  After blowing my load twice on Jayla's cute face and in her pussy I was spent.   So, we did some photos as Jayla played in the Jacuzzi.  After playing with her toys, Jayla was sticking her ass in the air wanting some real cock.  So we got comfortable with some 69 and in no time my cock was hard again and ready to fuck.  After I started fucking her spoon her pussy was SO hot and wet she made me blow my load right away.    But she was not to be denied some doggystyle fucking and had me ready to go again soon.  When you are watching Jayla's perfect ass and she is ramming it back against your cock, trust me you wouldn't last long either.  So, like the professional she is with her hot little pussy, Jayla got 4 cumshots out of me in one night.!      (running time 25:42)

Grace Wood - Big Tit blowjob

Grace Wood is well known for her gorgeous big tits.   But in this video we learn that one of Grace's best assets is her cocksucking ability.  We also learn that she loves to make a guy cum, perferably in her mouth!   Our friend Robert provides a nice large hard cock for her to practice on give you some great POV shots of what she would look like sucking YOUR cock.   We also see how much she enjoys a nice big load of CUM in her mouth.!      (running time 20:46)

Larkin Love - Big Tit Audition

Larkin Love is not a midwest girl.  But she was in the midwest having some fun and decided that her 36F Texas sized BIG TITS might get her considered as a midwest girl.    How could I refuse an offer like that!   Then I discovered Larkin Love has another great asset besides those big tits, her tongue!  You haven't experienced a cock sucking until you felt her tongue working the underside of your hard shaft all while happily taking it deep in her mouth.  Then just to make things a bit more crazy we added in a very naughty naked camera girl Aubrey Lee.   Aubrey was in a dominating mood that night.  Made things even more interesting as Aubrey made sure Larkin sucked my cock hard enough and guided my cock into Larkin's pussy!      (running time 50:00)

Angel Rayne - Prego Girls need cock

Angel Rayne is a slutty little 19 year old from Kansas City I had met while she was working in a strip club there.   I had talked to her about trying porn but she didn't think her boyfriend would approve.  Later I heard from her that she was 6 months pregnant and couldn't strip anymore.  Being the old perve that I am, I salivated at the thought of fucking a much younger prego girl.   Angel had never been with a guy older than his 30's before, but she sure didn't hesitate to suck and fuck my much older cock and make me shoot my load on her face and hair.  She liked getting fucked so much she came back the next morning for some hard doggystyle and another cumload on her milky young tits.  Then it got wierd.  She told me she was so impressed by the cumshot in her hair that she showed it to her mother!      (running time 33:02)

Ivy Winters - Feature Girl Audition

You may have noticed on our website that Ivy Winters is one our featured girls and sort of the "star of the show"   I asked Ivy to help me find a feature girl for this site, knowing that she was a big pornstar in LA at the time.  Little did I know that Ivy really wanted to be the feature girl.   She was quite happy to audition to prove she deserved it.  After she put on her cheerleading outfit that said BJU on it, I knew I was in for some fun.  She proved that she is graduated from BJU Summa Cum a lot as she sucked my cock every which way possible until she got a nice load out of me all over those cute tits of hers.   Just goes to show sometimes it is best to leave a job like that in the lips of professional cocksuckers like Ivy!.      (running time 34:23)

Winter Blowes - Marathon Fucking

After her impromptu porn audition, Winter Blowes decided getting fucked on camera was a fun way to earn money to pay her college tuition.  This girl just loves to fuck so we decided to make her earn that tuition.  So, we fixed her up with my buddy who has a short chubby body but can literally fuck for HOURS.  Winter just loved being his fuck toy and they went at it hard for over an hour.  We edited it down to just 40 min of the good stuff including Winter taking a good load of man juice all over her perky college girl tits!  I just love helping poor college students achieve higher education.      (running time 39:33)

Mimi Farra - First Porn

When I saw  Mimi's pics and her gorgeous big tits, I knew I had struck gold.  When she walked in for her first shoot and I started interviewing her, she was very quiet and shy.   I was thinking to myself that this girl may not follow through and fuck on camera.  But after she expertly sucked my cock, I went down and licked her tasty young pussy.  When she started grabbing my head with her hand I knew we were good.  She was more than ready to fuck and made me blow my load in no time!  After riding me cowgirl and very hard reverse cowgirl she made me  blow again.   When I saw that nice full ass of hers as I banged her hard doggystyle, she made me blow my load a third time.  Yes, this quiet shy girl got THREE cumshots out of this old cock.   There is just something about quiet, shy girls who love to FUCK.       (running time 44:30)

Kiki Munroe - First Anal

As you saw in a previous update, Ivy Winters put newcummer Kiki Munroe through her pornstar boot camp.   After completing the first phase with flying colors, we get to see Kiki move on to learning to get fucked by an older guy missionary and then Ivy convinces her to do her first anal scene.   Even though we see some interesting expressions on Kiki's face while toys and cocks are being put in her butt, she takes it like the trooper she is.   There is nothing hotter than a cute 18 year old getting a good anal fucking from an older guy.      (running time 23:46)

Aubrey Lee - Sorry Babysitter

Aubrey Lee has shown in the past that she can be a very naughty babysitter.  This time it is serious though as she has been caught partying while babysitting and the older guy Matt is threatening to fire her.    Aubrey promises she is very sorry and will do anything to keep her job.  So, the angry Matt has her get down and suck his cock.  He follows that by fucking her hard and blowing his load all over her pussy.    The young slut Aubrey is now ready for more older cock and rides him reverse cowgirl until he takes her doggystyle and fucks the hell out of her with another cumshot on her ass.      (running time 37:03)

Grace Wood - Porn Audition
Grace Wood is a big tit blonde who is originally from the midwest.  I actually convinced her that there was a big porn industry in the midwest and if she auditioned with me, I could get her lots of work.   I knew she could suck cock well and she would be happy to show me.  But when she told me in the interview how much she liked guys to cum in her, I knew I had to creampie that pussy.   After enjoying those big tits while she sucked my cock, she took my load in her mouth like a champ.  In no time at all I was ready for more and to see those gorgeous knockers bouncing around while she rode me.  After some brief doggystyle, I shot my load deep in her sweet pussy.   Gawd, I love gullible big boob blondes! (running time 39:57)

Deanne - First Porn
Deanne was an 18 year old college student in Madison, WI.  I found out on very short notice that she needed money to pay a tuition bill and was more than happy to suck and fuck to get the money.  I expected to find a nervous young girl apprehensive about fucking a much older guy on camera.  Instead I found a girl that couldnt wait to get her pussy licked by a much older guy.  After making her squirm good, she couldn't wait to suck my older cock and then hop on it for a ride.  Finally slamming her hot young pussy doggystyle, I couldn't help but creampie that pussy as well as on her ass.  I am proud to support America's higher education!  (running time of full video 26:32)

Marie Fullbush - First Porn
is a cute 19 year old small town Illinois girl who looks sorta like the hippy girls us older guys remember from the 70's.   She confirmed that look to me even more when I saw her full hairy bush!  And to those of us fantasizing and remembering those fun hippy girls from the 70's there is an even better bonus with Marie.  She totally loves much older guys!  She says her pussy gets wet at the thought of getting fucked by an older guy.  After a little interview where we learn how much of a nympho this young slut is, she gets naked and proudly shows off her hairy pussy.   After eagerly sucking my cock she is ready for some older cock in that hairy pussy. (running time of full video 25:30)

Elle Lavelle - Hunting cock
's boyfriend Frank has committed to going off hunting with his Uncle Matt.  The only hunting Elle has in mind is the cock in Frank's pants.  He can't resist her lips on his cock and her 34DD big tits.   Soon his hard cock is pounding her pussy until he has to blow his load in her mouth.    Frank hurries off, late for his hunting and leaves Elle still frustrated.  Uncle Matt shows up looking for his tardy nephew and realizes why he was late.   The perceptive older Matt realizes Elle needs more attention and decides to give her some older cock.  She wastes no time sucking his cock and then climbing on for a good ride with her gorgeous big tits bouncing.   The guys may have had their hunting day delayed but Elle certainly had a successful morning hunting younger and older cock!     (running time 35:17)

Severin Graves - Aubrey Lee girl-girl fun

Severin Graves
had just returned to her home state of Wisconsin and had not been with a girl in a LONG time.  She also had never shot with Naughty Midwest Girls before.   So, we decided both situations needed to be fixed and Aubrey Lee couldn't wait to play with another hot girl.  This is a case of an experienced althernative porn girl like Severin being "corrupted" by the younger girl-next-door Aubrey.   After a little interview about Severin's kinkiness as we get to know her, they both get naked and compare boobs, butts and pussy lips.   Finally it is time to move to the bed for some serious pussy action.  These two hot girls don't disappoint as they lick and pound each others pussies with vibrators until they each cum hard.    Nothing faked here as you will see in the closeups of their wet pussies!  Watch for a future update to see Severin's favorite kink - cock in her ass!  !     (running time 40:23)

Jayla Diamond - midwest porn audition

Jayla Diamond was like any other porn girl starting out.  She is cute, sucks cock well and was in demand by major porn studios.  But she decided she wanted to do porn on HER terms, Jayla style.   So, she has worked her cute butt off building her websites, camming, making appearances, etc. and is building her own little porn empire in her home state of Michigan.  This girl does it all and should be called the Jenna Jameson of the midwest!   But lets not forget Jayla Diamond the porn slut.  This girl absolutely LOVES to suck cock as you will see in this video.   She also has the hottest pussy in porn.  There is just no way to describe how it is to fuck Jayla's pussy.  Forget about fucking for a long time!  She will have you blowing your load in no time.   I creampied her so deep in her pussy, we could barely get the cum back out.  She still holds the record for most cumshots in a shoot with me.   Watch for another update soon to see her get two more loads out of me later that night.  !  (running time 37:42)

Andreanna Peace - First Porn
Andreanna is a quiet, shy model that decided to try porn.   When she walked in for this first shoot she was also very quiet and nervous.  But as you will see in the interview with her, she definitely has a freaky side to her.   This video is a little longer than most of our videos.  The reason is, I just could NOT get enough of this little cutie sucking my cock!  Can you blame me?   She didn't seem to mind all that cock sucking because it meant more of her getting fucked!  Watch for more of her as we get her out of her shyness and turn her into a midwest porn star!   (running time 48:04)

Summer Blu - Anal Audition
This is the second day of Summer Blu's porn audition in Wisconsin.  With new girl Winter Blowes showing up with my camera guy to help with camera work, Summer was eager to show off her sucking and fucking skills.   Since Winter had stated she didn't do anal, Summer knew her way to one up her porn competitor was to take a cock in her butt.   After getting the director good and hard and riding his cock good, she wanted that older cock deep in her ass.   I just love the look on her innocent girl next door face when she is taking a cock up the butt.   The true anal porn slut in her really comes out!    (running time 27:01)

Ezra Summers - First Porn
Ezra Summers
is long legged 20 year old from the Chicago area.  After trying a little nude modeling, she decided she needed more excitement than just posing for a photographer.   She saw the bulges she put in those photographers pants when she showed off her gorgeous young pussy.   She decided maybe those older cocks might be fun to play with!  So she contacted me for a porn audition.  After a little nervous talk she was quite comfortable getting naked and once she had a cock in her mouth she knew porn was for her! After using those long legs taking cock in the spoon position, I would have to fully agree

Kiki & Ivy - Pornstar Bootcamp
When Ivy Winters saw my footage from newcummer 18 year old Kiki Munroe's audition shoot, she started rubbing herself and said "I have to that pussy!".   So, we did a little road trip down to the corn fields of Illinois where Kiki is from so Ivy Winters could properly break her into porn with her first on camera girl/girl experience.   When Ivy saw the remote cornfields around Kiki's hometown, she couldn't wait to go get naked and play with those large ears of corn.  To my enjoyment, Ivy also insisted that Kiki needed the experience of sucking a porn producers cock in that cornfield.  After some hot pussy play action with lots of toys, Kiki more than passed Ivy's pornstar boot camp with flying colors!  Watch a future update for the second half of this adventure which included Kiki's first on camera anal fucking.

Abby Lexus - Midwest porn Audition
Abby Lexus is a 21 year old total hottie from Michigan. When you first meet her she really looks like the girl next door high school cheerleader type.  She had done a little porn in LA then went back home to Michigan deciding porn wasn't for her.  I asked her if she would consider doing porn if she could do it right there in her hometown.   She agreed and then I mentioned to her that I am a much older guy.   To my surprise, she said she preferred much older guys and loved the effect she had on them.  She definitely had the desired effect on me as watching her take my cock doggy-style made me quickly blow my load all over that gorgeous ass of hers.  But, there was no way this little nympho was done as she wasted no time getting me hard again so she could ride my cock some more.  In no time at all she coaxed another good cum blast out of me.    Enjoy the near perfect body of this young cutie as she enjoys taking care of an older cock.

Abby Lexus - Midwest porn Audition
Abby Lexus is a 21 year old total hottie from Michigan. When you first meet her she really looks like the girl next door high school cheerleader type.  She had done a little porn in LA then went back home to Michigan deciding porn wasn't for her.  I asked her if she would consider doing porn if she could do it right there in her hometown.   She agreed and then I mentioned to her that I am a much older guy.   To my surprise, she said she preferred much older guys and loved the effect she had on them.  She definitely had the desired effect on me as watching her take my cock doggy-style made me quickly blow my load all over that gorgeous ass of hers.  But, there was no way this little nympho was done as she wasted no time getting me hard again so she could ride my cock some more.  In no time at all she coaxed another good cum blast out of me.    Enjoy the near perfect body of this young cutie as she enjoys taking care of an older cock.

Aubrey Lee - Photographer Fuck
Aubrey Lee is doing a little photoshoot with her older photographer Matt.   Matt is trying to get some nice cute photos of her but Aubrey has other things on her mind.  Being the cute teen slut that she is, she knows if she teases him enough she can get his cock hard.  Aubrey has cock on her mind even if it is an older cock instead of taking photos.  After getting naked and showing off her partially hairy pussy, she wastes no time sucking his cock to get him hard to climb on.  Her pussy is so wet and hot it takes no time at all before he blows his load all over her young pussy.   Be sure to check out the photos of what his camera sees as she poses for him.

Sierra Rose - First Porn
Sierra Rose
was a dancer at some of the local clubs in southern Wisconsin.  She had taken some time off to have a baby and was very self conscious about her body after that.  I convinced her that she was still a very sexy lady and maybe doing a porn shoot would be a fun way for her to find that out.   As you can see when she is giving a BJ, those gorgeous eyes make you forget about those few extra pounds she is carrying.    And as you will see, the way her hot pussy made me go off like a rocket, she is obviously fine in that department too!

Alia Janine - Handjobs
Here in Wisconsin, we believe in things being real.  Real cheese, real football teams and most of all REAL BIG TITS.  So, it is only fitting that Milwaukee, WI born Alia Janine decided to use her real name to go into porn and show off those 34F REAL TITS.   Alia was back in Wisconsin for a summer visit and to work at some of her old strip clubs.   She also said I needed more big tit girls on my site and that she could fill that role nicely.   I have also heard of her reputation working in the Wisconsin clubs for putting on great shows.  I was lucky enough to get a very private performance from her as well as making her tits look better with the load of cum she got out of me.   After taking some great pics in the outdoors on sunny summer Wisconsin day, those big tits had my cock hard again.  Being the professional that she is, she proceeded to jerk another cumshot out of me.  I think we need to make Alia Janine an ambassador for all things REAL here in the midwest!

Alia Janine - Handjobs
Here in Wisconsin, we believe in things being real.  Real cheese, real football teams and most of all REAL BIG TITS.  So, it is only fitting that Milwaukee, WI born Alia Janine decided to use her real name to go into porn and show off those 34F REAL TITS.   Alia was back in Wisconsin for a summer visit and to work at some of her old strip clubs.   She also said I needed more big tit girls on my site and that she could fill that role nicely.   I have also heard of her reputation working in the Wisconsin clubs for putting on great shows.  I was lucky enough to get a very private performance from her as well as making her tits look better with the load of cum she got out of me.   After taking some great pics in the outdoors on sunny summer Wisconsin day, those big tits had my cock hard again.  Being the professional that she is, she proceeded to jerk another cumshot out of me.  I think we need to make Alia Janine an ambassador for all things REAL here in the midwest!

Kiki Munroe - Spanked
Kiki Munroe was a bad girl in school and when called to the principals office she tried to seduce him.  So the principal made her meet him at a motel for some more private punishment.  After exposing her young plump ass he spanks her until it is red.  Then he makes her get on her knees for some "oral" punishment and jams his cock in her throat until she gags.  After more spanking he sticks his cock in her bent over the desk.  After more spanking and fucking he shoots his cum in her mouth.   The naughty girl seems to enjoy the old principals cum dripping out of her mouth!  To make sure she was punished enough he painted "sex slave" on her forehead and made her suck his cock some more, followed by more fucking.

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