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All Updates - 2012

12/22/2012   UPDATE: 036
If you are a fan of girls with nice big meaty pussy lips you will love Mia.  She is a 19 year old cutie from Milwaukee with long legs and some cool ink.  She was referred to me by a photographer that had taken some photos of her and thought she was ready to try porn.  So, I wasted no time in setting up an audition shoot for her first official porn shoot.  I will always remember her as the girl with the gorgeous butterfly pussy lips.  If you look at the last shot on her page you will see what I mean.   And trust me those lips felt just as good on my cock as they look.  I think she passed her porn audition with flying colors.  Hopefully you will see more of Mia on here.    (running time 42:39)   For a FREE preview CLICK HERE

12/13/2012   UPDATE: 035
Autumn Winters
is a very slender petite cutie from Florida. She contacted me about being on our site saying she was from Indiana.  But, after interviewing her I discover she is from Florida. She eagerly wants to prove to me that she should be a naughty midwest girl.  After getting naked and showing off her sweet little pussy, she eagerly sucks my cock.  I couldn't resist tasting her hot pussy in some hot 69 action.  She loves the way I use my tongue on her and is more than ready to ride my older cock.   After a little cock riding she takes the action to the kitchen.  There she gets on her knees and sucks my cock some more until I bend her over the counter and fuck her hard from behind.  Finally she rides me reverse cowgirl until I shoot a load  all over her slender tummy.   I guess I can give her a pass and declare her a Naughty Midwest Girl!   (running time 32:04)   For a FREE preview CLICK HERE

12/6/2012  UPDATE: 034
Ever go to the porn conventions like Exxxotica and wonder what happens in those hotel rooms after the show closes?  This is a good insight into that!  Aubrey Lee, Ivy Winters and Jayla Diamond decided to get together and do a little webcamming for their fans.   Those fans paid VERY good money to watch this show live so these three girls made sure they got their money's worth.  The biggest problem you will have is that with 3 gorgeous sets of tits and 3 hot pussies on screen at all times it is VERY hard to decide what to focus your eyes on.   These three hot pornstars give us a great show of hot lesbian action, pussy licking, etc while they use vibrators on each other.   (running time 36:18)   For a FREE preview CLICK HERE

11/29/2012  UPDATE: 033
Ariel Snow
is a brand new model from small town Iowa who decided to try porn.  She is a cute redhead who is mostly into girls, but she knows that to be a pornstar she needs to show that she can handle a hard cock too.   After she spends a while telling us about herself in nice detail we get to see her milky white skin and all the cool ink she has on her body.  I told her that her ability as a pornstar would be partially judged by how good she looks doing cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.   So she made sure that she made the grade on that as she looked especially good riding on top of me.   I think you will agree that it is hot to watch this cutie having sex whether it is with another girl or riding a hard cock!   (running time 50:01) For a FREE preview CLICK HERE

11/21/2012   UPDATE: 032
is a 20 year old cute girl next door type from Michigan who is a total nympho. She decides she wants to try porn, so I set up a little audition with her.  She walks in sporting a nice engagement ring and telling her fiance she will let him know when she is done with her "photoshoot".     Within 20 minutes she was on her knees sucking my cock and looking up at me just waiting for my first cumshot on her face.   She also made it very clear that she wanted my next cumshot deep in her pussy.  I couldn't disappoint her so after I creampied her once, we had time for another one!   So, I sent her off to meet her fiancee for dinner after taking 3 loads of cum from me during her little modeling "photoshoot"    I hope her now husband doesn't see this.   (running time: 41:27) For a FREE preview CLICK HERE

11/15/2012   UPDATE: 031
is a 19 year old petite cutie from Wisconsin.  She comes over to Matt's place to interview as a substitute babysitter for his kids.   His regular babysitter, Aubrey has fucked and sucked him several times so he wants to keep her as his main babysitter and who can blame him.  But Lexi is very cute and needs work bad so he certainly doesn't mind when she gets naked and drops to her knees. After experiencing her great sucking skills, he takes her to the bedroom for some nice fucking.  How can he refuse to hire her after an interview like that?  (running time: 27:46) For a FREE preview CLICK HERE

11/1/2012   UPDATE: 030
As I promised a few weeks ago when I introduced you to Stacy Starr the small town girl from Iowa, you would get to see her cock riding skills.   Besides her cock riding skills, you will also get to see her favorite activity, sucking cock.  So, after you pick your jaw up from the floor when you see her in action, get out the lube and watch Stacy in the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl segment of this video.  It is one of the HOTTEST I have been involved in.  There is nothing hotter than a BIG TIT girl like Stacy bouncing up and down as she rides cock!   (Running time 34:33)   For a FREE preview CLICK HERE

10/24/2012   UPDATE: 029
had just turned 18 and started doing nude modeling.  I convinced her she should try video but she was hesitant.  Luckily I had the very cute Tecey Heart available to shoot with her.   That was enough to convince Alicia to try her first girl/girl video.  She had so much fun doing this video I encouraged her to think about trying porn.   Apparently she listened to me as she took on the porn name Leona Dulce and did some very hot hardcore scenes!   Watch as these two hot 18 year olds enjoy their very first girl/girl action on camera.  (running time: 32:32) For a FREE preview CLICK HERE

10/11/2012   UPDATE: 028
I met Lexxxi Lockhart online a few years ago before she ever got into porn.  She was doing a little nude modeling and amateur fetish stuff on the east coast.  She also had a day job as a manager for a major national drugstore chain.  We discussed doing an amateur shoot but locations and scheduling made it tough.  A few months later her bosses found out she was doing amateur porn and fired her.  Thus her full time porn career was launched!  She was going to be in Chicago for an adult convention and so was I.  This shoot resulted from talk over drinks at the convention and an invitation up to her hotel room.  As you can see, Lexxxi lives up to my expectation of that pretty smile, big tits and full plump ass.   This girl is just built to bounce up and down on a cock so those big boobs bounce around.  And that round ass is just made for some doggystyle pumping and shooting cum on!  (Running time 25:09)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE

10/4/2012   UPDATE: 027
Ok, so my jaw took a real beating shooting this newcomer Stacy Starr.   First she contacted me and told me she picked my site to do her first porn shoot. My jaw hit the floor when I saw the cell phone pics she sent me of her big tits.   Then my jaw hit the floor again when she got out of her car to meet me for the shoot and I saw those BIG TITS in that black summer top.   After I recovered enough to run the camera for this video, my jaw took another beating when I saw her furiously pounding her pussy with the toy.  Then when she turned around and showed that luscious full ass to the camera and started pounding her pussy with the toy doggystyle I almost lost it!  She is from a very small farming town in the middle of nowhere, Iowa.  Here you thought they just grow big corn crops in Iowa.  They also grow some very big tits on some very hot girls.   Hands down she is one of the hottest midwest girls we have discovered.  Just wait until a future update real soon when you see her cock riding skills.  Your jaw will be taking a beating!  (Running time 36:57)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE

9/27/2012   UPDATE: 026
Babysitter Aubrey Lee
comes over to see Matt who she works for as a babysitter. She confesses that she is not there to babysit but wants to further explore experiencing an older guy. She tells him in so many words she wants to be his young slut! After a little neck kissing and rubbing of her pussy she is ready to go. She eagerly sucks his cock to get him started and then changes into some sexy lingerie. After some expert pussy licking and some 69 action she is ready to fuck. She climbs on Matt's old cock and rides him reverse cowgirl. He is ready to bust watching her cute ass bobbing up and down on his cock. So he gets her missionary where he can plow her young pussy nice and deep. After some brief hard fucking he can hold it back no more and lets loose of a huge cumshot all over her young pussy and tummy.  (Running time 26:30)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE

9/20/2012   UPDATE: 025
Ariel Snow
is a brand new model from small town Iowa who decided to try porn.  Since she is most comfortable with girls, especially ones with tats and piercings like Wisconsin alt-porn hottie Severin Graves, I could not resist putting them together.  I gave full license to Severin to "break in" the porn newbie Ariel.   Ariel did not seem to complain the way the experienced Severin used her tongue, fingers and vibrator on Ariels tight young pussy.  Check out the hot girl/girl action between these two tattoed beauties.  (Running time 21:33)   For FREE preview CLICK HERE

9/13/2012   UPDATE: 024
is trying to divorce her asshole husband and needs a lawyer to do it. She hires Dan, a well known divorce attorney to handle her court hearing the next day. Unfortunately, she has no money to pay his initial retainer. So, Dan decides to "take it out in trade" by making her suck his cock, followed by lots of hard fucking. His law partner stops by and decided to join in for a bit and creampies her pussy. Dan can't hold back any longer and unloads lots of cum on her pretty face.  (Running time 36:07)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE

9/7/2012   UPDATE: 023
Ivy Winters
is back home in Madison, WI from shooting porn in LA. She runs into her friend Matt on a cold, snowy night at a used car lot. He has a bad leg from an injury. Being the good slut she is, she offers to nurse him back to health in the jacuzzi with her mouth on his cock and her hot pussy on his cock. She decided he needs lots of her nursing attention as she gets no less than 3 cumshots out of him!  Ivy makes a very good nurse even with her different nursing methods!   Now don't all you guys rush out and injure your leg so you can spend the whole evening fucking Ivy Winters for your therapy!  (Running time 44:15)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE

8/23/2012   UPDATE: 022
I was making a quick trip to Phoenix to pick up a car I bought out there. I decided doing a photo shoot with a local model would be fun. Lo and behold I hook up with Melissa Ashley and I knew little about her.  Turns out she is known for having the flattest chest in porn and is damn proud of it and to top it off her MOTHER was a pornstar in the 70's!  I had no idea what I was in for when I started snapping photos of her. In no time at all she was on her knees sucking my cock and taking a load on her face.  Over the next few hours we fucked in many different positions and she got several more cumshots out of me.  Anyone who says girls have to have boobs to be sexy obviously has never fucked a girl like Melissa Ashley.  I apologize in advance for the poor lighting on the video as it was a totally impromptu porn shoot and I didn't have my usual lighting setup.  I think you will still enjoy it!  (Running time  54:54)  For a FREE preview CLICK HERE

8/16/2012   UPDATE: 021
Summer Blu
is a 23 year old aspiring porn star living in Las Vegas. She has that average girl next door look to her and if you met her on the street you would NEVER guess she does porn.   Once she gets naked, she really takes on the look of a fuck slut especially when she talks about how much she likes cock.  Her roots are in Wisconsin though so she was excited about the idea of coming back to the cheese state for her porn debut there. This video was shot less than an hour after she got off the plane from Vegas as she couldn't wait to get naked for the camera. Her pussy looked so inviting, i just couldn't wait to taste it.  After she looked at me with those eyes while sucking my cock, I didn't last long when I slid my cock in her and gave her a good creampie.  (running time 35:36) For a FREE preview CLICK HERE

8/9/2012   UPDATE: 020
So, what happens when your camera guy has a cute girl tagging along to watch a porn shoot?  You get her on camera and fuck her of course!  I was doing a shoot with porn girl Summer Blu and along tags this cute girl Winter (We quickly gave her that porn name).  She just wanted to watch the shoot and help with cameras.  Before I know it she wanted to try a FREE blowjob audition with me.  I said I would have to pay her at least 100 bucks to make it a legit paid shoot.  She was determined to show off her cocksucking skills in front of another porn girl.  She decided she needed more than cocksucking and promptly climbed on my cock and rode it good.  Watch for more of Winter in future updates!  (running time 35:36)   for a FREE preview CLICK HERE

8/1/2012   UPDATE: 019
What happens when you bring an LA girl back to her midwest roots in January?  You get frozen big boobs as you can see in the photos!  But the best way for big boobed blonde Grace Wood to thaw out is to be naked and fucking under the hot lights.  So, I hooked her up with my fellow Wisconsin porn buddy Trent Diesel and they had a little fun showing us what happens when two people work too hard on the road and need a little relaxation time.  Grace Wood does a great job showing her boss Trent what she imagined them doing at the office!  (running time 30:13)  For a FREE preview  CLICK HERE

7/26/2012   UPDATE: 018
Ashley Biltmore
is a very cute 20 year old chocolate beauty from Wisconsin with a hot young body. This is her very first foray into porn as she thought it would be an easy way to make cash.   I told her all she would have to do is bang a chubby white guy named Dan and she would make easy money.  Little did she know that Dan likes to fuck nonstop for about 40 min before he cums!  He fucked her until she was almost limp then finally shot his load on her tight little ass.   I wonder why she decided not to pursue a career in porn?  (running time 43:03)   For a FREE preview  CLICK HERE

7/18/2012  UPDATE: 017
is a petite little brown eyed Latino cutie just 19 years old and from Wisconsin. She is only 5'1" and has nice perky 32B tits. She wants to try and get into porn and knew I could help her. After showing off her great blowjob skills it was time to test out her cockriding skills. I was in for a real treat as she turned out to be a true "spinner". When I asked her to do some reverse cowgirl, she just turned around on my cock and started working that cute little ass up and down like a pro as she rode my cock. What a great sight that was watching her roll and grind that hot little young pussy on my older cock!   (Running time: 40:13)
For a free preview

7/11/2012   UPDATE: 016
Alix Lakehurst
is a big fan of big titted classic porn star Christy Canyon.  As we open this video Alix is playing with her pussy after watching some Christy Canyon porn.  Then her "fan" quietly works in and takes over playing with her pussy and licking it.  These two then go at it like two dogs in heat with lots of 69 and then doggystyle fucking.   There is no better sight than a big titted girl getting fucked doggystyle as her tits swing and bounce around.  After she made him shoot his load all over those big melons she was ready for more and invited me to taste her yummy pussy and fuck her some more!    Alix Lakehurst is proof positive that girls don't have to be skinny and petite to be hot as hell!  (Running time 40:58)

7/4/2012   UPDATE: 015
look just fits for that babysitter you always wanted to fuck role.  She played this role quite well and we had a lot of fun with the role playing.   Another fringe benefit was that I had a hot girl wearing lingerie operating the camera. At the end of the video there is never before released footage showing Airiella the camera girl. Here is how the babysitter scenario played out: Aubrey is very horny after breaking up with her boyfriend so she fantasizes about the older guy she is working for as a babysitter. She climbs in his bed and fingers herself to a nice orgasm and then falls asleep. He comes home and finds her and gives her a nice massage which turns into a pussy massage. She reciprocates by massaging his dick and sucking it until he cums in her mouth. She wants to get fucked so she gets him hard again and climbs on and rides his dick. He finishes with some hard doggy-style and a cum-shot on her ass.  (Running time 39:09)

6/20/2012   UPDATE: 014
is a cutie from small town Indiana who contacted me a few weeks after her 18th birthday wanting to try porn.  She has that cute look and pretty brown eyes that model recruiters look for.  Lucky for me, Trinity has a very naughty side too.  She was inexperienced at BJ's but did her first on-camera one on me here.  She even took my load in her mouth.   Then after I showed her what an older experienced tongue was like on her young pussy she was more than ready to get fucked.  After watching her cute young ass riding up and down on my cock, I was ready to give it to her hard and cum deep in her young pussy with a creampie.   She wants more lessons from an older guy on sex.  I hope I get to be the teacher!  (Running time 29:10)

6/13/2012   UPDATE: 013
Sasha Hall
was an 18 year old cutie from Michigan who was brand new on the porn scene. This is one of her first videos shot in her hometown in Michigan. We interview her and find out a little about her and then have her get naked for the camera so we can see that cute young body of hers. Although she had previously told me she would not be doing boy/girl because of her boyfriend, apparently money talks and she informs me during the interview that she will be doing boy/girl in the future. She has the cutest small tits you will ever see and nice full butt. After using the pocket rocket on her clit to get herself off, she broke out a nice soft vibrator and started plunging it in her pussy.   You will have to pardon my sloppy camera work in that segment of the video, because the whole time I was filming, I was thinking about how I could possibly get her to do boy/girl right there in that shoot!  (Running time 32:00)

6/6/2012   UPDATE: 012
was looking for a little modeling work shortly after her 18th birthday.   She is from a small town in Indiana and she really reminded me of one of those girls you fantasize about in high school with the nice knockers.  She decided to try her first nude photoshoot with me and showed up all nervous with her young shy voice.  So we started out just doing some outdoor pics in her hometown.  She was quite comfortable and even got naked in my truck for some pics.  When she saw how she looked in lingerie she really opened up and played with some toys.  After she saw the pics, she wanted to do more.  So, I asked her if she ever considered adult video and would she consider doing one with me.  To my total shock she said she would even though the oldest guy she had fucked was 21.  I was even more shocked at her eagerness to drop to her knees and suck my cock.   When she climbed on to ride my cock and I saw those 34d's bouncing around I thought I died and went to heaven.   I was even further shocked when we were done filming and she asked me to fuck her again off camera!   This is Mandee's first and only appearance in porn.  See what that girl you fantasized about in high school looks like riding a cock!   (Running time 34:34)

5/30/2012   UPDATE: 011
Matt is in Chicago and needs a babysitter for his for future trips there. Amai is a hot, petite little 19 year old slut who comes to apply for the job. She wants to make sure she gets the job, so upon meeting Matt inside the door she drops to her knees and sucks his cock. Then she gets comfortable for the interview, sits on his lap and eventually rides his cock. They continue with fucking on the bed and a cumshot all over her tummy. She wants to seal the deal so she gets him hard again and gets fucked doggystyle and spoon style with another cumshot. Lots of hot action of an older guy fucking a younger cutie.   (Running time 39:44)

5/23/2012    UPDATE: 010
Kiki Munroe
is a hot looking 18 year old from Illinois with milky white skin, a cute smile and gorgeous tits. Don't let that cute innocent exterior fool you. Although she is young, she loves the idea of being a total slut on camera. This is her very first time on video as we see her interviewed about what she is interested in doing on camera. Although this was filmed only 3 weeks after her 18th birthday she seems very mature in her desire to get fucked on camera.  (Running time 48:05)

5/9/2012     UPDATE: 009
Ivy Winters
loves to come back to her home town of Madison, Wisconsin and relax when she is not shooting porn in LA. But being the naughty little slut that she is, she can't resist shooting some porn while she is home. So she calls me up and wants to do little amateur shoots. This is a collection of 3 videos where I interview her and we get to know her better. She interviews much better with a hard cock in her hand and eventually with cum on her!  (Running time 66:00)

5/2/2012  UPDATE: 008
Aubrey Lee
is a small town girl from Wisconsin, just 18 years old. She has aspirations of being a big porn star, so of course I told her i could help her. This is a little interview with her and we get our first look at her getting naked for the camera.  She was eager to get naked as you can see by how fast she gets her clothes off! Normally in these auditions, I have the girl start off with a BJ after she gets naked. Aubrey wanted to just skip that! She started playing with her pussy and was ready to fuck NOW! LOL Watch for more of this 18 year old nympho cutie.
Aubrey Lee has obviously gone on to do porn in LA and Miami.  This was her first ever boy/girl video shoot.  She had never been fucked on camera before and had never been fucked by a guy older than 24.  She changed all that in a hotel room in her little hometown. just couldn't believe how much this girl LOVES to play with her pussy.   Most girls are very nervous their first time on camera.   Aubrey was not very nervous as she was too busy thinking about getting fucked!    I could see that this girl was a natural to be in porn.   (Running time 35:00)  CLICK HERE to see a preview

4/23/2012  UPDATE:  007
These three video clips are of porn superstar
Marie McCray in her early days. She showed up to do some photos and short videos with me and  opened up  the BIGGEST box of vibrators and dildos I have ever seen! She started off with a nice simple little candi-cane vibrator which looked great with her milky white skin. She wasted no time getting her pussy nice and wet and throbbing and got herself  off nicely.  Then she switched to a really cool glass dildo with some spirals on it and got up in sort of a reverse cowgirl position and rode it. It is so hot watching her perfect ass going up and down as she rides that glass dildo. Then finally  I suggested she try  getting covered in oil and just getting herself off with her fingers. She had never had oil all over her like that before and she couldn't believe the feeling as she started rubbing her pussy. At the end where she starts  getting off, I was between her legs with the camera. When she came her legs were shaking so hard I could barely steady the camera. She is still one of the hottest girls in porn.  Enjoy this early version of her!  (Running time 27:22)   CLICK HERE for a free preview

4/16/2012  UPDATE: 006
Selena Skye has become known for her HOT Latina hardcore scenes. When I first started talking to her she was staying with friends in Omaha, NE  and working  as waitress at California Pizza Kitchen. She was thinking about getting into porn and wanted to try it in a low key setting. I was the lucky guy she picked to try it out with! This video is a little amateur audition video she did with me.  She was very  nervous about doing her first shoot but some ample doses of vodka calmed her nerves. Once the cameras started and I started interviewing her she really loosened up and had a lot of fun talking about her early interest in porn when she was  young. When  it came time to get naked, this girl could not wait to show off those 38D's of hers! As soon as she bent over and showed off that full ass, I just knew had to do lots of doggy-style with her. But first we had to start off with  her first on camera blow job. I have never seen a girl enjoy quite so much working the camera with a cock in her mouth. In no time at all, she had me spurting cum all over her face and those big tits of hers. After a little break, she was ready to get  fucked on camera. She wasted  no time getting me hard again and hopped on for some cowgirl so I could see those great tits as she rode me. Finally I could take it no more and had to get behind that ass and slam her good doggy-style. Check out the POV  footage for a nice view of her ass with my cum-shot all over it!  (Running time: 37:01)    CLICK HERE for a free preview

4/9/2012  UPDATE: 005
Elle is a very cute 19 yo. from Kansas City with a gorgeous set of 34DD's. In this video, her first, she is interviewed a little  about  her desire to be on camera and her interest in experiencing an older more mature guy. She then slowly undresses and shows off those gorgeous tits. After some eager cocksucking, she then gets her pussy expertly licked by the older  guy. Finally she gets fucked hard with a nice finishing cumshot all over her tummy.  I love the part where she asks me how I like getting my dick sucked by a cute nineteen year old. I think you know the answer to that question!  After  this first shoot she decided she had  to do more, so I brought her back for more and tried her out doing a little role playing. Watch for future updates to see more of Elle. Trust me, you will want to see those 34DD's when she is getting  fucked doggystyle!  (Running time 18:45)

4/9/2012  UPDATE: 004
Kasia is a hot young model from Poland who has done a lot of shoots in Chicago as well as Illinois for her own website.  I had the opportunity to  do a shoot with her while she was in Illinois.  I can honestly say that she is one of the cutest, most perfect models I have ever shot.  She starts out doing some very cute innocent poses then she starts stripping and gets naked for you.   Although Kasia has done only solo work and a few girl/girl shoots, she is probably one of the best solo performers out there.  She uses a toy to fuck her tight young pussy with such intensity that one has to just sit  back and  enjoy the sight of her body and wish you were that toy!  It was very interesting doing a shoot with her since she speaks very little English so all communication is done through her friend/translator that travel with her. Once she sees a nice vibrator  though, she understand what she is supposed to do.

3/28/2012  UPDATE:  003
Daisy is naive young cutie from Michigan who turned 18 just 6 weeks before these photos and video were taken.  She was so naive, I sent her to  the bathroom  to check her hair and makeup and she came out stark naked saying she knew it was a nude shoot!   Although she was a little shy, she was certainly proud of her 34DD's.  I had to keep coaxing her to spread her legs though and  figured out why when I saw  that little white string hanging out!   When I told her we were about to start the blowjob scene, I don't think she believed that she was going to actually have to suck my cock.  Listen carefully and you will hear her ask me  "What am I supposed to do again?" She was a little shy and awkward posing for the photos.  No matter how she posed or what position she was in, those 34DD's still looked great.  She was pretty quiet and not a real bubbly personality, but with funbags like that who cares!    When I got her in some doggystyle shots, I could see she had a nice plump butt too.   Even though she said she was on her period and couldn't  fuck, I just knew I had to do a cumshot on that plump butt of hers!   She told me she was interested  in doing more shoots, but I was never able to contact her again and I heard she hooked up with a new boyfriend.  So, this is her one and only porn shoot  she ever did.  Hopefully her new boyfriend won't find this video!  (Running time 16:29)

3/21/2012  UPDATE: 002
Riley Winters (aka Emma Heart) first girl/girl video. Emma Heart is a major porn star. This is an amateur video shot of her doing her first girl/girl video back in 2007 when she was fairly new in the business and going by the name Riley Winters. Riley was from a very small town in northern Indiana and Kali was from northern Kentucky so they were traveling together to some shoots.  Kali and I had been talking about getting together for a shoot. I got a call from Kali one day that her and Riley were in Chicago and had gotten scammed on a shoot and were stranded there.   So, I quickly went into aciton setting up a shoot with them.  They were eager to work with me if I would help them out.  They told me they would do a hot girl/girl video for me and would both fuck me in a boy/girl/girl scene too!  How could I say no to that!  So this hot girl/girl action was the result. We see lots of kissing and pussy licking between her and her friend Kali. Finally Kali takes a big dildo and fucks Riley hard with it. We see some nice closeups of Riley's cute pussy and watch her get off nicely. Enjoy!   Watch future updates for the video of me getting fucked by these two young hotties.   (Running time 31:32)

3/14/2012   UPDATE: 001
Alexus is a cute little 18 yo from Ohio with perky little tits and an enthusiasm for sex. She wants to get into porn real bad, so I gave her a chance. See her give her first bj on camera. I was trying for a cumshot on her face, but she likes to swallow so much most of it went in her mouth.  After experiencing a blow job from this cutie, I decided I needed to have a taste of that young pussy.  It tasted as good as it looks believe me.  I then laid her back and used a good sized toy on her pussy.  As she was softly moaning and her small nipples were standing up I knew she was ready to get fucked and she didn't care that I was almost three times her age!  She eagerly sucked my cock again and as soon as she got it hard she climbed on and rode it.  I couldn't believe I was fucking this young cutie and she was loving it.  It didn't take me long to blow my load all over her firm young tummy.
Behind scenes note:  This was the first video I ever shot with a girl that I really didn't know.  Within 20 min. of meeting her we were set to shoot this video.  Being a fifty-something guy, I couldn't believe this cute 18 year old was about to suck my dick!  Not only did she do it, but she couldn't WAIT to do it! I decided then and there that I was gonna pursue amatuer porn more seriously.

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